Biden on Hurricane 'Ian': “It's not a crisis in Florida, it's in the US”

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Biden on Hurricane ‘Ian’: “It is not a Florida crisis , is from the USA & rdquo ;

The scale of destruction caused by Hurricane ‘Ian’ On his way through Florida he begins to glimpse. Testimonies and images of areas absolutely devastated by the lethal combination ofcyclonic surges, winds, torrential rains and floodssettle the certainty that this storm, as valued by the United States. Friday the President of the United States, Joe Biden, among the worst in the history of the nation”. And although it will take time to put figures on the catastrophe, at the moment there are already 37 deaths that are linked with certainty or probability to the hurricane and economic costs that, according to According to different estimates, they range for now between 68,000 and 100,000 million dollars.

“This is not a crisis in Florida, it is an American crisis”, also said Biden, who assured that “it will take months, years, to rebuild”. It is a message that Ron DeSantis, governor of a state where 1.8 million homes and businesses were still without electricity this Friday, has also launched, where numerous houses and infrastructures have been left in ruins or devastated and where the Lee County, the hardest hit area, was still without drinking water.

Second hit

The hurricane continued ;to this Friday its northward trajectory. This Friday at noon, after having devastated Florida from southwest to northeast for two days and having recharged over the Atlantic Ocean, it made landfall again in South Carolina , where he entered It hit Georgetown, on a barrier island, as a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 kilometers per hour.

Both that state and Georgia had issued emergency declarations and the National Hurricane Center returned to issue alerts in the face of risk to lifeThey represented storm surges, winds, floods and heavy rains, warnings that were also extended to North Carolina and Virginia.

Biden on Hurricane ‘Ian’: “It's not a Florida crisis, it's a US crisis”


The most devastating blow, however, has been received by Florida, where it is estimated that more deaths will be confirmedrelated to the hurricane. In the data released by authorities this morning, only one of the deaths was officially linked to the storm, but another 20 in two counties were considered likely. And hours later Lee County, where ‘Ian’ touched land on Wednesday, reported 16 deaths from the hurricane.

Protests in Cuba

From Cuba, where the ‘ Ian’ before arriving in the US caused a total loss of electrical supply that began It was repaired a day later, while news of small protests on Thursday in the streets of Havana and in the cities of Surgidero de Bataban├│ arrived. and C├írdenas. The protesters demanded a better response to the effects of the storm and more aidfor the hardest-hit areas.

The protests were replicated with a strong police presence in the streets and there was also a internet and telecommunications blockade.