Biden signs law on aid to Ukraine

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Biden signs Ukraine aid bill

Temporary funding bill passed Congress less than half a day before the deadline for the end of the US fiscal year.

US President Joe Biden signed a bill to continue funding the US government, including $12.4 billion in additional aid to Ukraine. This was announced on Friday, September 30, on the White House website.

The announcement states that the law “provides allocations to federal agencies for fiscal year 2023 (beginning October 1) through December 16, 2022 to continue projects and activities of the federal government, and also includes additional appropriations to respond to the situation in Ukraine.”

It is known that the law provides for the allocation of $ 12.3 billion in assistance to Ukraine.

Earlier, the US House of Representatives approved a bill on temporary state financing, which provides for the allocation of financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of $12.3 billion.

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