Biden's handling of China ball incident criticized by Republicans

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Biden’s handling of China ball incident criticized by Republicans

Republicans have criticized President Joe Biden's slowness to intervene in the case of the Chinese spy balloon, which was destroyed on Saturday after flying over the skies of the United States. United for several days.

Republicans criticized Democratic President Joe Biden on Sunday for his management, according to them, not firm enough of the incident of the Chinese balloon, shot down the day before by the American army after flying over the United States for several days, and whose remains were now to be recovered in operations at sea.

Let the President shoot him down over the Atlantic, that It's a bit like tackling the quarterback after the game is over, Republican lawmaker Mike Turner, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday morning on NBC.

“The balloon should never have been able to enter the United States, and complete its mission.

—Mike Turner, Elected Republican

Why did it take so long to reveal it to the Americans? asked Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Vice Chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, on CNN. He called the incident unprecedented, and said the ball was being used by China to demonstrate that they had the ability to do this, and the United States could not do anything about it.

Mr. Biden said he gave the order on Wednesday to shoot down the balloon as soon as possible, which first entered US airspace on January 28 (Saturday) over Alaska, then a second at Idaho, in the northwestern United States, on January 31, or Tuesday.

It was a missile fired by an F-22 fighter that got the better of the Chinese balloon, which was floating above the ocean Atlantic. (File photo)

But the general public only learned of its existence on Thursday, when it was over Montana. The Pentagon explained that it wanted to wait for the balloon to fly over the sea before shooting it down, in order to avoid any damage to the ground when the debris fell.

The area over which they extend, after the operation off the coast of South Carolina, is more than 11 kilometers, said Sunday morning on CNN the American Minister of Transport, Pete Buttigieg. The case was handled appropriately, weighing the various risks, he defended.

The entry of this Chinese balloon into the American airspace, which the Pentagon claims is a spy balloon, has stoked tensions between Washington and Beijing, and caused the last-minute cancellation of ;a visit by US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken to China.

Beijing, which claims it was a civilian aircraft, accused the United States of having overreacted by using force, and said it reserved the right to retaliate.