Billionaires Sherman's daughter seeks justice five years after their unsolved murder

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Daughter of billionaires Sherman seeks justice five years after their unsolved murder

Those responsible for the double murder have still not been arrested.

It has been almost five years since the Toronto billionaires Honey and Barry Sherman were murdered in their Toronto residence.

A few days before this sad anniversary, their daughter Alex Krawczyk regrets that those responsible have still not been arrested. So far, there has been no justice [for my parents] and no conclusion for me and my family, she said in a statement Thursday.

“We can't let another year go by without justice being served. »

—Alex Krawczyk, daughter of the Sherman couple

I'm heartbroken. My loss is immeasurable. My children have lost their grandparents. We miss their advice, their love and their wisdom, says the daughter of the founder of the pharmaceutical company Apotex, who was also involved in philanthropy alongside his wife Honey.

Alex Krawczyk points out that his parents have shown leadership and unlimited generosity to charities across Canada and around the world. According to her, their commitment touched many people.

The horrific way in which they were taken from us was extremely traumatic and irreparably damaged the bonds of our community, confides the one whose parents were killed by strangulation.

The Toronto Police Service Homicide Unit continues to investigate. The $10 million reward for information leading to a conviction remains available and unclaimed.

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