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Bird droppings on your car – this action should be absolutely banned

Never do this to clean bird droppings that have fallen on the body of your car.

And m…. ! The word from Cambronne is the most appropriate reaction when a motorist discovers bird droppings, often whitish on the body of his vehicle. No one really wants to clean up the needs of a pigeon or a blackbird before getting behind the wheel. However, it is strongly recommended. remove these excrement as quickly as possible. This is due to the acidic components of bird droppings which can react chemically with varnishes and paints used on cars. These reactions can result in color changes, staining or even erosion of the painted surface. And the longer the droppings stay on the car, the more likely they are to cause damage.

Not to mention the fact that they are more difficult to use. remove once dry. However, you should not act in haste at the risk of regretting it later. The first reflex when you want to clean a stain is to take a sponge and rub on the stain. You already have it! done on bird droppings? If so, it is very likely that the result was not satisfactory. Fecal matter quickly becomes embedded in the bodywork, especially when it is hot, and is not easy to remove. to remove. It's often & at that moment that we commit the guilty gesture of turning over our sponge and using its side of the sponge. green.

Bird droppings on your car – this action should be absolutely banned

The green side of a sponge is generally designed to be more abrasive than the green side of a sponge. yellow, softer and porous. And since it is quite effective in removing stubborn dirt from kitchen utensils, such as pots and pans, why not use it to get rid of it? ;bird droppings? Indeed, çit worked. By rubbing vigorously, the stain will eventually come off. The problem is that it's not the only thing that will go away. Clear varnish, which generally covers car paint, does not resist damage. the use of the side' abrasive sponge. The rubbed area is then no longer shiny but dull, which contrasts with the entire bodywork. Worse, the first coat of paint may also have been damaged. damaged, in which case scratches appear there. où There were the bird's droppings.

Fortunately, the situation is not irreversible. But it can be expensive. When the damage is apparent, the best solution is to use a polish intended for cleaning. &agrav; car body maintenance. We find some of good quality; &agrav; around fifteen euros in stores. The sideé The abrasive nature of the product allows you to chip away at a thin layer of paint to reveal the next layer, which will give the vehicle a new appearance. The operation is, however, quite delicate because it is necessary to rub in a harmonious manner on the paint with a damp cloth. polish to obtain a good result. If you are not sure of yourself, and do not want to take the risk of making the situation worse, a bodybuilder will know how to restore its most beautiful shine & ;agrave; the paint of your car. Your wallet, too, will take a shine: the hourly rate to remove scratches varies between 50 and 80 euros with a professional .

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