Birth control pills can harm your health

The Italian medicines Agency warns that birth control pills can lead to severe depression. Experts recommend to seek medical help at the first symptoms of the condition.

Противозачаточные таблетки могут навредить вашему здоровью

According to experts, previously it was known that depressed mood is a side effect associated with using hormonal contraceptives. As shown by statistics, a mental disorder can be very serious, which is associated with the risk of their lives. In this connection, experts believe, all women should be informed about the need to consult a doctor in case of change of mood and related symptoms, even if they occur soon after the start taking the pills.

“Some women who use hormonal contraceptives, reported severe forms of depression or depressed mood. The condition can be extremely serious. If you experience such changes, contact as soon as possible to the doctor to get further advice,” — warn the Italian experts.

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