Birthday keira Knightley: best the role of a popular actress

День рождения Киры Найтли: лучшие роли популярной актрисы

Keira Knightley. Photo: Getty Images

March 26, 1985 was born the famous British actress, a multiple nominee for the award “Oscar” keira Knightley.

Knightley started acting in movies from the age of 7 and during his career managed to play in 48 different genres pictures popular Directors. The actress has twice been nominated for an Oscar three times for a Golden globe. At the young age of Cyrus had become famous not only in English but also in the Hollywood film industry and earn the status of one of the most popular Actresses of their age group.

In honor of the 33rd anniversary of keira Knightley LeMonade decided to recall the most vivid role of the famous artist.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The life of a sailor and captain Jack Sparrow, full of exciting adventures, changes dramatically when his main enemy kidnaps Jack’s ship, the Black Pearl, and then attacks the Port Royal and steals a lovely Governor’s daughter Elizabeth Swann, played by keira Knightley. The role of Elizabeth in all parts of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” Knightley brought a huge popularity worldwide.

Pride and prejudice

Another adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen in 1813 from Director Joe Wright. The main role, Elizabeth Bennet, keira Knightley takes. Thanks to their talented performance in the film the actress was first nominated for “Oscar” and significantly increased the number of its fans.

Anna Karenina

The eternal story of Leo Tolstoy’s novel tells the story of a young officer count Vronsky and his familiarity with the wife of a St. Petersburg official Anna Karenina. The fire of passion between the young people flares up instantly, but their love is shocking high society. In a world ruled by prejudices and stereotypes, Anna has to make a truly difficult choice between family and all-consuming passion.


13-year-old Brioni has an incredible imagination and writes plays. She knows that her son Robbie maid in love with her older sister Cecilia (Knightley) and young people a sense of mutual. But when cousin, Brioni becomes the victim of a rapist, the girl confidently shows on Robbie — her imagination dorisovyvaet picture of violence. Robbie is sent to prison and Cecilia refuses to believe her younger sister and between them there is a terrible hatred.

The imitation game

The historical drama tells of the wartime cryptographer Alan Turing, who managed to crack the code of the German cipher machine “Enigma” during world war II and was later prosecuted for his homosexuality. In the movie Knightley played the role in love with the main character girl and received a second nomination for “Oscar”.

A dangerous method

The film is based on real events, tells the story of the relations of the two founders of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung with the Jewish patient Sabina Spielrein, which were brilliantly performed by Knightley.

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