Bitcoin: receive your salary in crypto with this application


Bitcoin: receive your salary in crypto with this application

Jack Dorsey may not tell you anything, but he is the co-founder of Twitter, the social network of which Elon Musk is now the main shareholder. But the man left office to found Block, a company behind an app called Cash App. And it is already a success with 36 million active users at the end of March 2021. And today, it is now possible to receive your salary in Bitcoin. We summarize that for you.

The Cash App application allows you to receive your salary in crypto (but not only)

Block bought out Credit Karma Tax for the handsome sum of $50 million. And Jack Dorsey's company is integrating the flagship feature of its new acquisition for Cash App: a self-completed tax return. By coupling this mechanism to the Cash Card credit card unveiled during the Bitcoin 2022 conference, you can define a percentage of your salary automatically reinvested in Bitcoin. Like your salary and much more!

Enough to bet on the long term and the added value announced for the queen of cryptocurrencies in the years to come. But Cash App is not only interested in Bitcoin and announces that the application extends to other assets and sectors such as stocks.

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Finally, this technique is aimed at DCA enthusiasts. This programmed investment allows you to smooth your purchase average by investing weekly or monthly in a cryptocurrency. The objective is the medium or long-term return by limiting the risks as much as possible (but also the profits). The perfect solution for beginners, easy to apply!

For the moment, bad news. The Cash App is only available for Americans. But French savers are hoping for an exit to our territory to automatically invest in Bitcoin.