Black federal employees accuse government officials of racism

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Des black federal employees accuse government officials of racism

According to the Black Federal Employees Caucus, members of their community continue to experience racism in the public service.

A group of black federal public servants accuses the government of racism and threatens to withdraw from the development of a mental health action plan for black workers.

In a letter sent this month to the director of human resources at the Treasury Board, the Black Federal Employees Caucus says workers have supported anti-racism efforts in the public service, but that x27;they continually face the crushing weight of this racism.

A year ago, in his mandate letter, the Prime Minister directed Treasury Board President Mona Fortier to establish a mental health fund for black public servants , then the government provided an envelope of $3.7 million over four years for this program.

However, black federal employees maintain that it took months to set up a task force and they accuse government officials of blatant hatred towards black people in their language. They also argue that government officials are showing bad faith in discussions.

The Black Federal Employees Caucus says it will meet to decide whether to must withdraw from the process, only six months after joining.

Treasury Board, for its part, assures us that it remains committed to setting up this program of mental health.

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