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Black Friday iPhone : benchmark prices to watch in 2023

Black Friday is always a good opportunity to scrutinize iPhone prices. If Apple should not sell off its just released iPhone 15 or even its iPhone 14 or iPhone 13, resellers could well sell off their stocks…

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As Black Friday approaches, the deal frenzy begins. to be felt, particularly for fans of Apple technology. On Friday November 24, the official date of “Black Friday”, eyes will as always be on the iPhone, with very high expectations, particularly on the latest models like the iPhone 15, or iPhone 14.

Black Friday is often an excellent time to buy the iPhone. Apple smartphones generally benefit from some great offers at the end of the year, mainly from resellers, and Black Friday 2023 should be no exception! During the last edition, it was notably possible to find the latest iPhone 14 at the same time. a great price with AirPods 2 wireless earbuds included!

Already! a shock promo!

What if this Black Friday 2023 was an exception for the latest generation iPhones? Rakuten hit! strong by slashing the price of the iPhone 15 more than a week before the official Black Friday date, with a black iPhone 15 128 GB at the same time. less than 800 euros, an unexpected gesture for such a recent device (see the offer).

Apple fans or consumers looking for a high-performance smartphone Lower prices should in any case be attentive from today for this Black Friday 2023. It is likely that the offers on iPhones will start very early, at least on the previous Friday ;before Black Friday, November 17.

Black Friday iPhone deals typically last more than a week. Many merchants are taking advantage of the end-of-year holidays to continue to offer price reductions likely to interest consumers. We will be sure to keep this article up to date. up to date with the latest promotions on the iPhone for Black Friday 2023.


To help you get the most out of your iPhone. To find the best price on iPhones during Black Friday, we have set up an engine to collect prices on around ten merchant sites. The prices below are the lowest among our partners, excluding coupons or reductions on subscriptions or packages. They are put at risk. very regular day:

  • iPhone 15

    Black Friday iPhone&nbsp ;: the benchmark prices to watch in 2023


  • iPhone 14

    Black Friday iPhone: benchmark prices to watch in 2023

  • iPhone 13

    Black Friday iPhone : the benchmark prices to watch in 2023


  • iPhone 12

    Black Friday iPhone: benchmark prices to watch in 2023

  • iPhone SE

    Black Friday iPhone : benchmark prices to watch in 2023


  • < /ul>

    REPÈRES. To have  some references on the prices of iPhones during this Black Friday 2023, here are the first prices displayed on the Apple Store for the purchase of each of these models:

    < ul>

  • The iPhone 15 Pro is available from €1229
  • The iPhone 15 is priced at €1229. from to from €969
  • The iPhone 14 is available at €969. from to from €869
  • The iPhone 13 is priced at €869. from to from €749
  • The iPhone SE is priced at €749. from to from €529

iPhone 15: what are the prices before Black Friday?

With a grand exit at At the start of the school year, we are unlikely to see very reduced prices on the iPhone 15 during Black Friday. The iPhone 15 lineup consists of four new iPhones, with the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and 39;iPhone 15 Pro Max. With cutting-edge features like Dynamic Island technology, USB-C charging, Super Retina XDR OLED display, A16 Bionic chip, and remarkable battery life, this iPhone 15 is a bargain à Don't miss out if discounts arise.

Black Friday&nbsp ;iPhone: the benchmark prices to watch in 2023

iPhone 15 128 GB Black

New à from €799.00; Used à from 903.00 €

  • Rakuten799.00 €See
  • Rue du Commerce869.00 €See
  • Fnac968.95 €See
  • Amazon999.00 €969.00 €See
  • Cdiscount969.00 €See
  • Boulanger969, 00 €See
  • Fnac968.95 €903.00 €View
  • Amazon999.00 €920.55 €View
  • < li>Rakuten799.00 €1013.90 €See

iPhone 14: expected promotions

The iPhone 15 is not the only one with to watch. The iPhone 14, although charged to make only minimal improvements compared to the previous one. its predecessor when it was released (except for the photo sensor), remains a flagship product, especially if the rumors of crossed out prices are confirmed. Marketed more than a year ago, the iPhone 14 will undoubtedly be the device with the most offers. Especially if resellers are looking to buy more. sell smartphones with Lightening ports for charging which will soon disappear on the market. European…

Black Friday iPhone : benchmark prices to watch in 2023

APPLE iPhone 14 128GB Midnight

New à from €709.99; Used à from 620.00 €

  • Rakuten709.99 €See
  • Rue du Commerce759.00 €See
  • Amazon869.00 €799.00 €See
  • Leclerc819.00 €See
  • Materiel.net819.00 €See
  • Ubaldi819.00 €See
  • Fnac868.95 €See
  • Cdiscount759.00 € 869.00 €View
  • Darty869.00 €View
  • Rakuten709.99 €620.00&nbsp ;€See
  • Fnac868.95 €659.84 €See
  • Refurbished739.00 €706.00 €View
  • Amazon869.00 €743.07 €View
  • Cdiscount759.00 €View

iPhone 13: even more discounts for Black Friday?

It is of course on the iPhone 13 that most of the last edition of Black Friday took place. After Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the Mini version of the iPhone 13 can still be found on discount right now. Its price had passed. recently from 909 euros to 749 euros or even less at certain resellers. But prices will have to be monitored closely until then. the end of November.

Black Friday iPhone : benchmark prices to watch in 2023

iPhone 13 128 GB Black

New à from €665.00; Used à from 490.00 €

  • Rakuten665.00 €View
  • Amazon749.00 €699.00 €View
  • Materiel.net699.00 €See
  • Rue du Commerce709.00 €See
  • Cdiscount661.99 €739.00 €See < /li>
  • Leclerc739.00 €See
  • Fnac748.95 €See
  • Darty749.00 €See
  • Boulanger749.00 €See < /li>
  • Rakuten665.00 €490.00 €See
  • Fnac748.95 €527.00 &euro ;View
  • Reconditioned569.00 €536.00 €View
  • Amazon749.00 €638.99 €View
  • Cdiscount661 .99 €See

The iPhone 13 already has Summer set to in the spotlight before Black Friday 2023 at Carrefour, with an attractive offer: the 128 Go model in Midnight Black. 749.99 euros, with a prize pool of 150 euros on the loyalty card. Carrefour, reducing the cost to 599.99 euros. Available until November 27, this promo is limited to 2000 units in mainland France.

iPhone SE: the most economical new solution

The iPhone SE is an entry-level model from Apple, known for its compact size and affordable price. It combines the classic design of the first iPhones with modern internal components, such as the A15 Bionic processor of more recent models. Still sold by Apple, the SE offers a complete iOS experience, with fast performance, good video quality and more. camera, and support for the latest updates. software updates. During Black Friday it will be a popular choice and a good compromise for those who prefer a smaller phone or have a limited budget, while wishing to stay within the ecosystem Apple.

Black Friday iPhone: benchmark prices to watch in 2023

iPhone SE 128 GB Black

New à from €464.55; Used à from 199.99 €

  • Rue du Commerce464.55 €See
  • Rakuten498.00 €See
  • Amazon777.39 €See
  • Rakuten498.00 €199.99 €See

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11: watch the refurbished !

Older versions of iPhone for this Black Friday will also be offered at discounted prices. attractive prices. The iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 11 and 11 Pro in particular are still very impressive iPhones in terms of processing speed, battery life and camera performance. The reconditioned versions in particular will be an economical alternative on these models that are no longer found at Apple, as with the oldest ones like the iPhone propose a starting price at more than 1000 euros.

Black Friday iPhone : prices listed ;res to watch in 2023

iPhone 12 128 GB Black

New à from €583.75; Used à from 310.00 €

  • Rakuten583.75 €See
  • Rue du Commerce652.38 €See
  • Fnac688.95 €See
  • Cdiscount689.00 €See
  • Rakuten583.75 €310.00 €See
  • Fnac688.95 €394.00 €See
  • Reconditioned449.00 €429.00  €See

Black Friday iPhone : prices benchmarks to watch out for in 2023

Apple iPhone 11 128 GB Black

Newà from €365.00; Used à from 299.00 €

  • Amazon403.69 €365.00 €View
  • Rakuten503.17 €View
  • Rue du Commerce596.05 €See
  • Fnac598.95 €See
  • Materiel.net599.00 €See
  • Rakuten503.17 €299.00 €View
  • Amazon403.69 €327.90 €View
  • Fnac598.95 €330.59 €View

Over the last few years Over the years, Apple, often reluctant to sell off its little jewels, has relaxed a little with regard to promotional operations and in particular on Black Friday, to which the brand is keen. the apple took a while to join. A quasi-historic agreement, signed with Amazon five years ago, has also fully brought iPhones to the largest merchant participating in Black Friday.

Another encouraging signal this year for Black Friday: Apple has announced; the release of the iPhone 15 in September, just over two months before the 2023 edition. However, the iPhone 14 has not yet seen its price drop radically at the online commerce giant. We can hope that for a larger operation, the prices of iPhones will be impacted.

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