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Black Friday: yay, the PS5 is getting smashed on Amazon from the first day

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Since its release, the PS5 Standard has been a myth for millions of people: stock shortages have been constant and we have started to see them again on the shelves in recent months only. This is the first Christmas where we have a reasonable chance of finding PlayStation 5s around the tree.

For Black Friday, Amazon is attacking very hard with crazy offers on consoles only… but also in pack! Here are all the promotions on the PlayStation 5 and its packs available since midnight. Be careful, there won't be something for everyone.

  • PlayStation 5
  • PS5 + Spider-Man 2 Pack
  • Controller PS5
  • PS5 Packs + Limited Edition Games

If you intend to give the PS5 as a Christmas gift and buy it on Black Friday, Amazon gives you an extra safety net: returns are not 30 days as usual , but they are valid until the end of January. This means that you have time to return the Sony console after the end of year holidays and get a refund if the gift does not work.

The PS5, star of Sony consoles video games

The PS5 was made official by Sony in 2020 but few people were able to get it when it was released. And for good reason, the global pandemic has led to a drop in production of the games console… and supply quickly fell short of demand. To put it simply, the model was out of stock everywhere for almost two years. Fortunately, things are now sorted and it is even possible to find this best-seller… at a reduced rate on Amazon.

To this, it should be noted that the PS5 offered by Amazon at a low price is either Standard or Digital Edition. Unlike the digital version, the Standard model has a Blu-Ray player. You are free to buy the games on the PlayStation Store or the physical discs (which will also allow you to resell them afterwards), which is not the case with its counterpart. For this reason, it has been the public's favorite model since its release.

Plus, the PS5 lets you play tons of games, some of which are exclusive to the Japanese manufacturer's latest console. It is possible to enjoy ultra popular titles like Gran Turismo 7, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Forbidden West or God of War Ragnarök. Obviously, the future GTA VI which was teased by Take-Two will be compatible on the console. Moreover, when it comes out, it is very likely that the PS5 will go out of stock again.

In terms of its technical qualities, the PS5 sets the standard. For its games console, Sony is banking on an 8-core MD Zen 2 processor which is accompanied by compatibility with 4K and 8K for games and compatible systems. In direct competition with the Xbox Series X, this model is a gem that aims to be even more popular with the public. It offers high-end features so you can enjoy all your video games, it's the iconic model favored by all gamers.

Why order the console from Amazon?

The PS5 is certainly the best next-gen console on the market, and its price on Amazon is breathtaking. The merchant offers the best price at the moment, you won't find better elsewhere at the moment. What you have to take into account is that the popularity of the games console will lead to its downfall in no time. This flash deal includes just a few hundred units available, so it wouldn't be surprising if the entire stock runs out in a few hours. What is certain is that the offer could go away at any time.

As you probably also know, Amazon offers the best prices of the year during Black Friday. In short, there is no point waiting until December to find a more attractive price on the PS5 because that will not be the case. The games console will also not return to this exceptional amount following stock shortages. Whether you want to offer it to yourself or a loved one for the end of year holidays, now is the time to secure the deal with the online merchant. p>

Moreover, it is entirely possible to order the PS5 straight away and offer it to a loved one at Christmas without taking any risks. And for good reason, Amazon postpones the end of its withdrawal period to January 31, 2024 instead of being satisfied with the usual 30 days. This change concerns the games console as well as the rest of its catalog. You can therefore anticipate the gifts by starting immediately, offer them at the end of the year and return certain items for free if necessary.

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