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Black is black, Apple buries its 13

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While the unusual schedule suggested some unusual announcements, Apple rolled out a rather consensual program during its “Scary Fast” keynote from October 31, 2023.

If the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max chips served as a common thread for all the announcements, the stars of the evening were undoubtedly the new MacBook Pro.

Firstly because this machine remains a great Apple classic. Above all, because this latest generation promises breathtaking performance while still saving energy consumption. Isn't that what we ask of a professional machine?

Available in two sizes (14'' and 16''), the new MacBook Pro now has a dress matte black(space black at Apple). To avoid fingerprints, Apple explains that it designed this model with specific treatment. If this color doesn't convince you, Apple still offers space gray and silver colors. Phew!

Boosted with the M3 chip

Obviously, these new MacBook Pros feature the very latest M3, M3 Pro or M3 Max chips. If they promise ever more impressive general performance, Apple's latest chips stand out above all for their greatly improved graphics performance.

Enough to make MacBook Pros machines capable of withstanding hours of work on the most demanding software but also video games. For the first time, Apple chips feature ray tracing, a process to better manage the reflection of light on objects and thus make images more realistic. If Apple has not announced a major partnership with an industry giant (as some rumors suggested), AAA games will indeed land on the App Store.

Goodbye MacBook Pro 13''

The arrival of these 14'' and 16'' MacBook Pros also rhymes with the end of the 13'' MacBook Pro, a benchmark among references. Apple therefore decides to say goodbye to a model that has made its good reputation. Unchanged for years (it has not undergone the same facelift as the other models), the MacBook Pro 13'' therefore bows out.

The MacBook Pro 14'' with M3 chip takes over with an identical price. The prices, in fact, do not change. The 14'' MacBook Pro is available from 1,999 euros and the 16'' from 2,999 euros.

Available for pre-order now, they will be delivered from on November 7, 2023.

The 3 things to remember

  • Apple announced the new MacBook Pro
  • It is available in two sizes (14” and 16”), integrates M3 chips and is offered in black
  • The prices remain the same but the MacBook Pro 13” out of the catalog
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