“Blade Runner” and others. Top 5 Movies Where Robots Are Better Than Humans


    At the end of June 1982, the premiere of Ridley Scott's film “Blade Runner” took place, which opened cyberpunk cinema, and also gave a fresh idea that sometimes robots are almost like people or even better.

    Released on the screens 40 years ago, the picture of the British Ridley Scott “Blade Runner” with Harrison Ford in the lead role was ahead of its time, so it did not collect a big box office, but became a cult classic. The film created the canon of cyberpunk: it shows the future of high technology, where people eke out a miserable existence – against the backdrop of giant skyscrapers, intrusive holographic advertising and gloomy globalism. scalp hunter.” In addition to this masterpiece, Focuspicked up four more films where robots are shown better than people.

    “Blade Runner” (1982): lend a hand to your executioner -Prophet Philip K. Dick “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” The writer did not live to see the film premiere for several months, but he seemed to be pleased with the current result.

    The film is set in 2019 in Los Angeles. Mankind was able to create artificial people – androids, calling them replicants. Outwardly, they are indistinguishable from an ordinary person. You can determine who is in front of you – a person or a robot, only with the help of a special test. Replicants are used for dangerous work: in mines, in hazardous industries, in the military sphere. But they regularly escape from “chemistry” – work in strip clubs, etc. They are caught and shot by futuristic scalp hunters – blade runners, whose work is risky and cruel.

    Blade Runner

    Blade runner Rick Deckard (Hello from Philip K. Dick to rationalist philosopher René Descartes) is assigned to destroy a group of escaped android replicants. And then everything does not develop according to plan.

    What is the main feature of the picture? In the latest rooftop skirmish, military replicant Roy (Rutger Hauer) froze over his hunter enemy Deckard (Harrison Ford) dangling from the roof of a skyscraper. However, the replicant soldier, designed to kill, reaches out and saves his executioner, showing mercy and nobility, no longer characteristic of people.

    The swarm, dying, releases a white dove into the sky, a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The replicant's hand is pierced with a thorn, like the nails of the palm of Jesus. The idea of ​​this scene: people in the future become machines, and robots become people. Roy's act changes Deckard and his attitude towards robots.

    “Artificial Intelligence” (2001): a good boy and a bad mother

    Boy David (Haley Joel Osm) from Steven Spielberg's “Artificial Intelligence” (2001) is a robotic son created by Cybertronics for childless couples. Spielberg filmed the short story “Superbots Live All Summer” (1969) by Brian Aldiss.

    David was programmed to love his adoptive parents. The developers are testing the robot on one of their employees and his wife, whose son fell ill and whom the doctors placed in suspended animation until a cure is found. When the drug is found and the boy has recovered, he begins a rivalry with David. In order not to aggravate the conflict, the adoptive parents decide to get rid of David. Mom personally takes him to the forest, where he leaves.

    The robot-baby then for two thousand years with a Teddy bear toy is looking for this mother. In short, it's better not to watch for the faint of heart – the finale tears the heart to pieces.

    “Bicentennial Man” (1999): a faithful husband

    The picture is based on the novel of the same name by Isaac Asimov.

    < p>Android Andrew (Robin Williams) is a robot butler, but he learned to improve, so much so that he not only became an inventor, “humanized” his appearance, but also fell in love with the hostess.

    The feeling was mutual: they got married. Andrew changed himself so much that he no longer differed from Homo sapiens. Yes, that's bad luck – the beloved has grown old. In the finale, Andrew changes his synthetic blood to biological in order to die with his life mate. Although he had all the data to become an eternal robot – Don Juan, Andrew preferred the fate of a one-man.

    “The Mandalorian” (2019): combat robot rescuer

    The Mandalorian space western “from the Star Wars universe has cyberpunk elements: the further the Star Wars saga moves, the more it loses space opera features and becomes dystopian.

    The protagonist is Dean Djarin, aka The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), just like Deckard is a bounty hunter. He is assigned to deliver a live cargo – a green Baby of an unknown race (mini Yoda). When the Mandalorian realized that the Kid was in danger, he changed his charter and took the child away from the clients. Now the hunt begins for the two of them.

    The Mandalorian hates droids: many years ago, robots killed his family on his home planet. However, the combat robot IG-11 manages to heal Dean after being seriously injured (without removing his helmet in front of outsiders, as he wanted). And most importantly – IG-11 sacrifices himself when the company is ambushed by imperial stormtroopers, thereby saving the Mandalorian and the Kid. Perhaps Dean even shed a stingy male tear (not visible under the helmet) after the death of the droid that saved him twice.

    “City of Heroes” (2014): on parole and a rocket fist

    В Animated film that won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, the action takes place in the fictional metropolis of San Fransokyo, where Japanese and American cultures are mixed.

    Let's not dwell on the adventures of 14-year-old prodigy inventor Hiro Hamada , but he ended up, as a result of an attempt to thwart a crime of one villainous type, in a portal. The robot Baymax manages to save the villain's daughter, who is sleeping in the portal in hypersleep, but during a collision with debris there, he damages his own armor and is immobilized. Only his rocket fist worked, with the help of which Baymax pushed Hiro to the exit from the portal, but he could not get out himself – his body was slowly removed under the tears of the audience. robot, as in the previous film.


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