Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) unbearable at the time? The surprising confidences of an actor in the series

Was Blake Lively that sweet on the set of Gossip Girl? According to one actor in the show, this was not always the case. This anecdote testifies to it.

Recently, a comedian made some amazing revelations about Blake Lively's diva attitude on the set of Gossip Girl. Statements that have not failed to make people talk on social networks. And for good reason, the rumors around the cast have been going well for years. According to rumors in Hollywood, there would have been strong tensions between the interpreter of Serena van der Woodsen and her accomplice on the screen Leighton Meester. So much so that the two young women avoided each other between scenes. But the details don't end there. If we believe the secrets of an actor in the series, the pretty blonde was not always nice.

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Guest on the set of the Watch What Happens Live show in 2013, Aaron Tveit had recounted one of his misadventures with Blake Lively: “It was my birthday and Blake took three hours to get out of his dressing room. So if Blake looking at us, I want her to know that I remember that, and that she was cool, but that it was not very nice “ admitted the one who played the role of Tripp, Nate Archibald's cousin. If the story does not say why the actress took so long, we imagine that water has flowed under the bridges since. And for even more news, know that Chace Crawford winked at Blake Lively during an interview.

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