Blonde: Ana de Armas victim of ridiculous criticism for her role as Marilyn Monroe


Blonde has not yet invested the Netflix catalog that her interpreter Ana de Armas is already the victim of a ridiculous controversy.

Disagreements between Netflix and Cannes Film Festival executives force the highly anticipated Blonde, directed by Andrew Dominik, was sadly shunned by the Croisette this spring, and will finally premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September. Running for the famous Golden Lion, the fake-biopic centered around the iconic Marilyn Monroe will also have a little Norman parenthesis at the Deauville Festival, where the interpreter Ana de Armas y will receive the New Hollywood award.

New darling of the great cinematographic machine after being revealed to the general public in the sympathetic At Knives Out, the actress quickly forged a solid reputation by multiplying the registers and deploying a significant range of skills. Enigmatic, sulphurous, naive or heroic, Ana de Armas no longer has to prove her talent. However, it seems that the actress is far from unanimous.

Stock image or scene from the movie?

While even Joyce Carol Oates, the author of the novel on which the footage is based, admitted to being dazzled by Ana de Armas' performance, the latter's Cuban origins now seem to be detrimental to her. In fact, following the broadcast of a superb first trailer featuring the young woman in the guise of Marilyn Monroe, some unscrupulous detractors were pleased to question the merits of the casting, arguing that the Ana de Armas' Spanish accent could only do a disservice to her interpretation of the American symbol.

The controversy was such that the managers of Marilyn Monroe's legacy, who did not however validate the start of the footage, quickly wanted to show their support for the actress in an interview with Variety:

“Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood and cultural icon who transcends history and generations. Every actress who steps into this role knows that it will be difficult for her to live up to it. However, given the trailer for the film , it would seem that Ana de Armas is an excellent casting choice; she perfectly captures all the glamour, humanity, and vulnerability of Marilyn. We can't wait to see more!”

Words echoed by none other than Brad Pitt. Currently starring in the badass Bullet Train, the actor is also the head of Plan B, which produces Andrew Dominik's footage. And for the comedian, there is no doubt either, Ana de Armas is the ideal actress for the role. Or so he told Entertainment Tonight:

The dress in question

“She's phenomenal in the role, so that it's a difficult dress to wear. We've been working on this project for 10 years now. It was finding Ana that allowed us to finish it.”

And indeed, a few promotional shots and a teaser trailer are more than enough to acknowledge just how much the actress threw herself into the role. In addition to the incredible physical transformation of Ana de Armas, who looks so much like Monroe that one could mistake it, the actress has also devoted significant energy to working on her speech with a specialized coach during several months.

Perhaps it would be time to wait for the release of the footage, which is scheduled for September 28 on Netflix, before making acrimonious value judgments.


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