Blonde: Netflix unveils a superb trailer for the fake biopic of Marilyn Monroe


Blonde, the long-awaited Netflix faux-biopic about Marilyn Monroe starring Ana de Armas, finally unveils its first trailer.

The talented Ana de Armas never ceases to amaze and infuse a unique charm into her films. Even if it doesn't save the latest big Netflix release, The Gray Man, she is about to reveal perhaps her most impressive performance in a radically different proposition, also distributed by Netflix. Director Andrew Dominik had a good nose when he chose the actress to play one of Hollywood's greatest legends: Marilyn Monroe.

While the first Blonde teaser immediately reassured us about the actress's talent for doing justice to this cinematic icon, it is with tangible impatience that we waited to finally discover the trailer. Especially since Blonde is a particularly exciting project. The film adapting the fictionalized biography of Joyce Carol Oates, it is a free-form dramatization of the actress's life. The whole duality between her Norma Jeane and Marilyn identities should therefore be at the center of the story. This is what emerges from this first trailer.

Joyce Carol Oates raved about Blonde after she found out. By discovering this trailer, we really want to believe all his statements to the word. Andrew Dominik's staging seems to have worked wonders in the images that can be seen. It's awe-inspiring to see Ana de Armas (who looks breathtakingly accurate) blend in so well with the reflection of the eternal star. A performance that clearly aims for the Oscars, but seems to be anchored in a composition that is both ambitious and deeply artistic.

At the same time iconizing the legend Marilyn, the trailer reveals all the human aspect of the woman before the artist and all the potential of the film to be not only a great biographical fresco with awards. We cross our fingers until the fracture in the hope that the character of Norma Jeane can take over in the film. Thus we would be shown all the fragile, moving and tragic aspect of a cinematic figure both shaped and destroyed by the Hollywood system.

One ​​thing is Sure, after seeing these new images, we're all the more excited to see one of Netflix's most promising feature films this year. Blonde will be released on the platform on September 28th after being unveiled at the Venice Film Festival in early September.


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