Blossoms Shanghai: a teaser for the return of Wong Kar-Wai

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< strong>Blossoms Shanghai, the series supervised by Wong Kar-Wai unveils a very beautiful trailer.

While Hong Kong gave genre films a second life since the end of the 1980s, under the benevolent wing of John Woo, Tsui Hark or Ringo Lam, Chinese cinema groped until the emergence of a new talent. In 1990, Wong Kar-Wai surprised the local landscape with Our Wild Years. Ten years later, he would garner international acclaim with In the Mood for Love. In addition, the director would pave the way for other major directors, from Yinan Diao to Jia Zhangke.

Then the filmmaker's appearances for the big screen have become rare. Wong Kar-Wai still offered his American dream with My Blueberry Nightsthen gave birth to his own martial arts film The Grandmaster in 2013. Since then, nothing, we just know for seven years that he has been working on a series project: Blossoms Shanghaii. However, little information has leaked out about this Blossoms Shanghai. But let Wong Kar-Wai fans be reassured, a trailer (unfortunately not subtitled) has just been unveiled for the series.

Based on the Jin Yucheng's Blossoms's novel, Wong Kar-Wai's series explores the journey of Bao (played by Hu Ge), a newly rich in search of recognition in a booming Shanghai, in this beginning of the 90s. A particularly judicious choice of time since the economic renaissance of China greatly accelerated during this period. The first images, meanwhile, demonstrate an aesthetic similar to In the Mood for Love and its sequel 2046.

Thus, the first scene, certainly fleeting, directly refers to another, almost identical in In the Mood for Love. Here Hu Ge takes over from Tony Leung Chiu Wai as he climbs the stairs. Despite the language barrier, we understand with this trailer that Wong Kar-Wai will once again take an interest in the romantic relationships of his protagonist without forgetting to portray a society in full metamorphosis. The very polished photography and the few stylistic effects seen during the trailer attest to the director's imprint on the series.

< p style="text-align: justify;">In addition, the filmmaker also wants to adapt the book and the series as a feature film, with Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi. This will demonstrates the enormous affection of Wong Kar-Wai for the work of Jin Yucheng, while the feature film will close a trilogy started with In the Mood for Love. The director, in any case, doesn't seem to have lost his sense of aesthetics as this trailer confirms.

Blossoms Shanghai is expected to land in the US in 2023, on Tencent Video and WeTV. No official release date is currently scheduled for France.

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