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Bolloré heard at the Assembly: the maintenance of Cnews and C8 on TNT questioned

To deal with the controversies surrounding Cnews and C8, Vincent Bolloré was é summoned before the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. The hearing could be decisive for maintaining the channels on DTT.

The essentials

  • Vincent Bolloré is auditioned by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the attribution, content and control of television channels present on TNT, this Wednesday March 13 at from 3 p.m. 
  • The boss of Canal+ must be questioned on the subject of the Cnews and C8 channels, in particular on possible interventions and pressure on his part to influence the channels' programs and their content.
  • While Cnews is accused&eac; to promote far-right ideas or personalities and that C8 was attacked. targeted by several sanctions from Arcom, the institution responsible for regulating audiovisual content, the two channels are targeted pointed out by certain elected officials, notably members of LFI. The conclusions of the Commission of Inquiry could be decisive for maintaining the channels on DTT.
  • The deputyé LFI, Louis Boyard, who became a member of the Commission replacing rebellious colleagues, will be present at the conference. the hearing of Vincent Bollor. The chosen one had been targeted by Cyril Hanouna for having criticized the boss of Canal+ on TPMP in November 2022. Exchanges could be tense. 

Follow the hearing of Vincent Bolloré in video:

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This is the highlight of the hearings conducted by the Commission of Inquiry into the attribution, content and control of authorizations for television channels present on DTT. While Canal+ group channels, such as Cnews and C8, are at the heart of the most heated discussions, parliamentarians are watching ;Vincent Bolloré, the boss of the group, this Wednesday March 13 &at; 3 p.m. à the National Assembly.

The billionaire's public speaking engagements are rare, à the difference in the controversies which arise around the two aforementioned channels, but this one promises to be important and perhaps To be decisive for the future of the Canal+ group channels. The conclusions of the Commission of Inquiry could be taken into account by Arcom, which has launched the investigation. only two weeks ago the process of renewing the 15 DTT frequencies. A procedure which will decide which channels can continue to broadcast in France in 2025 and which will no longer be available on TNT. The numerous reminders à the order issued by Arcom & With regard to Cnews and C, they are already playing a role. not in favor of Vincent Bolloré.

Exchanges between the Commission, created at the initiative of the La France insoumise group, and Vincent Bolloré may be tense. The channels of the Canal+ group have often been pointed out, just like the management and the editorial lines given under the direction of Vincent Bollor. The big boss is accused of interventionism on the channels he controls and he is accused of a political role, notably on Cnews which is accused of promoting ideas far right.

What defense for Bolloré ?

Vincent Bolloré will not fail to defend its media empire which has shown itself to be its power with Cnews which continues to see its audience grow – this having sometimes exceeded that of BFMTV in recent weeks – or C8 with its star host Cyril Hanouna who is enjoying great success despite the lack of success. many controversies. Before Vincent Bollor, the Canal+ group and its boss were able to count on the support and defense of the group's presenters and journalists. The very divisive Pascal Praud, Laurence Ferrari and even Sonia Mabrouk, who officiate on Cnews or Europe 1 have beené heard by the Commission on February 29 and denied any intervention by the billionaire in the programming and content of the broadcasts.

Because of her rare words, the boss of Canal+ could make an impression during her exchange with parliamentarians. Especially since the discussions could turn into a verbal joust between Vincent Bolloré and a few deputies, one in particular: the rebellious Louis Boyard. The deputy of Val-de-Marne had been targeted by virulent comments from Cyril Hanouna on the set of Touche pas à my post in November 2022, precisely after having criticized the Breton businessman: "The five richest people are the same ones who impoverish France and Africa. And I will give you the example of Bolloré who deforested Cameroon" had declaredé l'élu.

Bolloré followed by Hanouna

The hearing of Vincent Bolloré &agrav; The National Assembly promises to be a hot moment for the Commission of Inquiry, but this is not not the only one. After the boss of the Canal+ group, he is the star of the C8 channel and friend – according to him – of Vincent Bollor. who must be interviewed Thursday March 14: the very media-friendly Cyril Hanouna. The host has also promised "a special show on the full debrief"  his audition on TPMP. He had already made a comment on the hearing of his colleagues from the Canal+ group on February 29, denouncing a "political tribunal" as recalled by the site Actu.fr.

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