Booba alongside Travis Scott and Young Thug at the canadian festival Metro Metro !

Booba au côté de Travis Scott et Young Thug au festival canadien Metro Metro !

To the delight of the revelers, the festival season is approaching ! Booba will be present at Metro Metro with Travis Scott.

16 but next, Booba happen on the stage at the canadian festival Metro Metro ! Very large heads of posters will also be present like Travis Scott or Young Thug. MCE TV tells you more !


One thing is for sure. Booba is a lot of talk about him. However, it is more question of his / her activity on the social networks than his music. Thus, its exclusion from Instagram shook up the Canvas. It’s simple, people were talking about it. After having released the “sextape” of Fianso, B2o, therefore, is ban by the platform. An account with 4.6 million subscribers gone up in smoke… It’s sad !

But don’t worry ! The Duke is back on his favorite social network. It can be found under the name of “boobaofficial” . However, Booba is not really the owner of this profile. In order to not attract the wrath of Instagram, the rapper has preferred to give in to his manager. ” This account is administered by 92i. BOOBA does not publish on this account.”

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Booba, Travis Scott and Young Thug at the festival Metro Metro

Booba on the networks, it’s good… But B2o on the scene, it is better ! To the delight of fans, the rapper of the 92 is going to make his big return on stage ! We do not longer expected. And yes, the festival season is fast approaching. Party-goers will finally be able to wiggle on the titles of their favorite artists. Thus, Kopp will also be the part.

So it was on Instagram that he has announced. Booba will be present at the canadian festival Metro Metro. Nice surprise for the fans ! The event will take place, therefore, in Montreal from 15 to 17 may 2020. Moreover, our French star will perform at the side of very big heads posters. Travis Scott, Young Thug, and even 50 cent will be present. We’ll let you discover the list of guests !

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