Booba and Dylan Thiry soon in the ring? This ridiculous excuse from the influencer to flee the fight

Booba and Dylan Thiry soon to be in the ring? This ridiculous excuse from the influencer to flee the fight

Does Dylan Thiry really intend to face Booba? The influencer has just given a not very credible excuse to flee their long-awaited boxing match. We tell you.

He participated in Koh-Lanta and then chained reality TV shows. The princes and princesses of love, The villa, Ninja Warrior… Dylan Thiry had the opportunity to reveal his fiery temper on several occasionsin front of viewers. But with his million and a half subscribers on Instagram, the influencer is also very sulphurous on social networks. And among his recent provocations, he has decided to attack another great clash specialist: rapper Booba.

For several weeks Dylan Thiry has been claiming that he wants to confront the Duke in a ring. “Booba, whatever happens, I'm going to do it! He will have no choice. We talked. But today we assume. All that to end up in an airport throwing bottles of perfume at each other.”, he even declared. What set fire to the powder and push the rapper to react. The latter also had a great time ridiculing Dylan Thiry on social networks when he lost his famous fight against Benji Samat last April.

Dylan Thiery's apologies would be can

Lately, Booba would have agreed to take a step forward towards this potential duel in the ring. It was even planned that Dylan Thiery would go to Miami to discuss the terms with his future opponent. But a new twist took place this Tuesday, June 14: the influencer revealed that he had covid-19. This would therefore prevent him from traveling to the United States for this confrontation. The reality TV star posted a photo of a positive test certificate and filmed himself unpacking. So, info or intox? For Booba, there is no doubt. Dylan Thiry tries to escape. To the point of suspecting him of having fabricated a false document: “You are neither positive nor a pro at forgery. You know very well that you can't come to Miami. Stay in Dubai make yourself a plate of halal poop.”, said the Duke on Twitter, with the poetry that we know him!

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