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Booba indicted for harassment, he speaks out on the networks

According to information from Le Parisien, the rapper Booba was harassed. indicted for harassment after a complaint filed by Magali Berdah, leader of the influencers.

“Piracy is never over,” as Booba assures in a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), this Monday, October 2. And yet, according to information from Le Parisien, the rapper was indicted this morning for harassment, after a complaint filed by "the popess" influencers, Magali Berdah. He is also prohibited from coming into contact with the latter. "I am leaving the court, whereù I was questioned on the facts of death threats, cyberharassment and concealment of property,” explains Booba, in a selfie, in his video posted on social networks.

"As you see, I'm at large, everything is fine. Piracy is never over," he concludes, recalling his lifelong motto. According to Le Parisien, Booba, in addition to his indictment, would have been placed under the status of assisted witness acts of death threats and receiving stolen goods under judicial control. He is strictly prohibited from contacting Magali Berdah, including on social networks, his favorite playground.

Since May 2022, the Duke of Boulogne has launched in a crusade against reality TV influencers and their product placements, but also (and above all) against the agent of many of them, Magali Berdah, at the same time. the head of the company Shauna Events. The latter had carried a lot of damage. complaint against the French rapper at the end of May for cyberharassment, before he did the same for slanderous denunciations, denouncing “a very lucrative system organized by by Ms. Berdah: promotion of more or less dubious commercial operations, obsessive incitement to cosmetic surgery and highlighting personalities from reality TV; related to legal matters."

Teilor Stone

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