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Bordeaux-Bègles - Racing 92: in control, UBB eliminates the Racingmen and joins Stade Français in the semi-final!

This evening, the Union Bordeaux-Bègles landedé the last ticket for the semi-finals of the Top 14 after his superb victory   home against Racing 92 (31-17). UBB will face Stade Français for a place in the final.

Bordeaux-Bègles - Racing 92: in control, UBB eliminates the Racingmen and joins Stade Français in the semi-final!

31: 17

Bordeaux-Bègles - Racing 92: in control, UBB eliminates the Racingmen and joins Stade Français in the semi-final!

Racing 92 Live

END OF LIVE! Relive Madosh Tambwe's spectacular essay in live conditions:  

A match that lived up to all expectations, or almost. After a start to the match between UBB and Racing 92 where Tristan Tedder and Maxime Lucu responded (6-6, 17th), Yannick Bru's players were the first to score. Served by Romain Buros, Bordeaux winger Madosh Tambwe got rid of three tackles to flatten in the left corner of the Parisian in-goal area (11-6, 19th). Two penalties from Lucu and Tedder maintained the gap between the two teams before Maxime Lamothe flattened with force in the Parisian end zone before the siren (21-12, 40+1st). At the end of the first period, Cameron Woki left his teammates in numerical inferiority for ten minutes. The second row paid for all the mistakes of the Racingmen.

On returning from the locker room, the scenario is the same where indiscipline is costing the Racing 92 players dearly. Six minutes into the second half, Maxime Lucu converts another penalty (24-12, 46th). Another six minutes later, the scrum-half takes a breath and tries to kick over the top. The rebound is favourable to Romain Buros who flattens it. Despite a try by Max Spring at the end of the match (31-12, 67th), UBB qualifies for the semi-finals of the Top 14 where Yannick Bru's players will face Stade Français next Saturday.

23:25 – The end of season calendar

After the qualifications of La Rochelle and Bordeaux-Bègles, here is the calendar for the end of the season in Top 14.

23:20 – Lucu: "It's fantastic"

Maxime Lucu at the microphone of Canal+: "We felt a lot of pressure during the week, especially regarding à screw these halves at Matmut. […] We had checked it. Receive the halves à Bordeaux, obviously we wanted to come. The season was very successful. long but we managed to achieve this. do it. When we see that (the atmosphere of the stadium, Editor's note), we have succeeded in achieving this goal. taking them with us tonight is fantastic."

23:15 – Chavancy: "Sad and sadçu"

Henry Chavancy at the microphone of Canal+: "We knew it would be complicated. We showed by sequences that we could put them in difficulty but we were é too undisciplined, especially in the first half. We lefté Bordeaux race in the lead throughout the game. We're sad and disappointed this evening."

23:10 – Next match Saturday

By winning tonight against Racing 92, Bordeaux-Bègles has secured the last ticket for the Top 14 semi-finals. Next Saturday, Damian Penaud and his teammates will face Stade Français at Matmut Atlantique.

Damian Penaud recovers the ball after a scrum and clears the ball out of bounds. UBB wins 31-17 and reaches the Top 14 semi-finals where Yannick Bru's players will face Stade Français.

23:01 – The celebration begins

While the match is not over, the Bordeaux players are exulting, including Maxime Lucu who raises his arms.

22:58 – UBB believes in it

&With four minutes left in the match, the UBB supporters are starting to believe in it. The atmosphere is heating up in the stands.

22:57 – Throw not straight

The Racingmen can blame themselves… The throw is not straight into touch. 

22:56 – Kolisi leaves

Before the key, Siya Kolisi leaves ;from his place à Ibrahim Diallo, back. 

22:55 – Kaulashvili à the fault

In a long phase of Ile-de-France possession, Kaulashvili thinks about scratching the ball but he is penalized. The Racingmen slip into touch.

22:52 – Sheepishly back

For the last nine minutes of the match, Damian Penaud returned to the pitch. The winger replaces Romain Buros while the Ile-de-France residents are within the opposing 22 meters.

The trial is finally granted. after viewing & the video. First failure for Tristan Tedder this evening.

22:47 – Video requested< /h3>

For a tackle without a ball by the Ile-de-France residents, Thomas Charabas requests the video to watch the action again.

After numerous changes of possession, Tristan Tedder escapes and passes the ball to the goalkeeper. Gogichashvili. The hooker transmits the leather à Max Spring which will flatten. 

22:43 – Admission of helplessness

In the last minute, the Ile-de-France residents had possession of the ball in vain… The Racingmen did not win. no meters on the ground facing the a precise Bordeaux defense this evening.

22:37 – Changes to Racing 92

À As the last twenty minutes approach, Clovis Le Bail and Henry Chavancy give up their places to the finals. Max Spring and Christian Wade.

22:35 – Lamothe leaves

Deuxi&egrave ;st try scorer this evening, Maxime Lamothe received a standing ovation. à its exit. The hooker is replaced by Latterade.

22:34 – Buros on the cover

The Racingmen cannot find solutions for finding spaces. Tuisova clears but Romain Buros makes a volley save.

After a melee, Maxime Lucu goes out to the side. closed and serves Bielle-Biarrey on the right wing. The ball is recovered; and Gaël Fickou clears. Finally, Maxime Lucu attempts the overhand kick. Madosh Tambwe and Romain Buros are à the fight with Henry Chavancy to recover it but the rebound is favorable to the second named; which flattens. Lucu transforms in the process.

22:26 – New first line

À the 50th minute of play, the Ile-de-France first line is changed with the entries into play of Gogichashvili, Palu and Gomes Sa.

22:24 – Ile-de-France residents rewarded

While Cameron Woki performed its return to the pitch before the scrum, the Racing 92 pack was é rewarded on his melee push.

22:23 – Chaban-Delmas ignites

Romain Buros does a superb kick over the top. Louis Bielle-Biarrey controls the ball poorly after a wayward rebound. The Racingmen try to restart from their goal but Tuisova is forced to flatten. The referee finally comes back to the decision. a foul play from Bielle-Biarrey.

22:21 – Tempers are heating up

On the return kick, Vergnes-Taillefer is off balance. in the air. After the bad reception, the referee whistles a foul and tempers flare on the pitch. Simple penalty in favor of the people of Bordeaux.


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