Boris Akunin was reported to have contracted the coronavirus

Борис Акунин сообщил, что заразился коронавирусом

Famous Russian writer Boris Akunin, has long left Russia, and declaring that he is trying to pursue Russia’s Investigative Committee, announced that he was sick COVID-19.

“I gave up Facebook because I roll with the fashionable disease. A little stronger — will definitely share my experience. Spoiler: the fear of the coronavirus is much worse than the coronavirus. Careful not to be needed, and there is no need to panic”, — he wrote on his page in social networks.

Борис Акунин сообщил, что заразился коронавирусом

As previously reported “FACTS”, Akunin was named Russian President Vladimir Putin’s weak ruler and compared it to the fearful emperors.

We read in the Telegram channel, Facebook and Twitter

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