Boss naked cleaning lady forced to strip and clean up in five houses

Начальницу голых уборщиц вынудили раздеться и прибраться в пяти домах

The owner of a company that provides cleaning services naked, forced to undress and to clean five houses. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

33-year-old Nicky Belton in the English city of Plymouth, Devon, leads the firm The Naked Cleaning Company. Cleaners from the company cleaning houses in lingerie, Topless, or completely naked. Belton noted that such service costs from 75 to 95 pounds per hour.

According to Belton, many netizens accused her that she wouldn’t have to do the work of her subordinates. “I want to prove them wrong. So I decided to clean five houses”, — said the headmistress.

The Briton said that its employees do not provide sexual services. “Our cleaners are vacuuming the house, dusting and cleaning surfaces, but with a little twist, she said. — I five years led an ordinary cleaning company. A new business is much more profitable.”

She also said that the staff of The Naked Cleaning Company must have experience as a cleaner and be over the age of 25. Thus workers can have any complexion and appearance. According to the rules, the staff arrives at a fully clothed and laid bare, only when starting to clean. Belton explains that the contract cleaner and the client is strictly prohibited to each other to touch.

“Our company offers the men’s or women’s body while cleaning takes place. I want to note that our cleaners — it’s not sex objects. They come to the customer, to restore order in the house,” concluded Belton.

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