Bouts of anger and psychotherapy: new revelations Ellie Goulding

The British singer spoke about the difficult period in his life.

Приступы гнева и курс психотерапии: новые откровения Элли Голдинг

Three months ago, the favorite singer of the British Royal family and the girlfriend of Prince Harry married the art dealer of Caspar Jopling. The preparation for the celebration took a year, and after the marriage the couple left for a honeymoon in warmer climes. But as it turned out, life Ellie Goulding is not so rosy. The singer, known for his calm and lyrical songs, admitted that for a long time struggling with serious psychological problems. She told about it in interview to the Daily Mail:

Previously, my behavior was far less rational. I had a long course of therapy, and now I try more to listen than to speak. I’m not an evil man, but that is what I had to work.

According to Ellie, in many ways, she helped her husband — he acts on it, “calming”:

When I met Caspar, the anger just disappeared. But at first it was artificially: when you first meet someone who you really like, you try not to show their worst side. So I often sat cross-legged, was very careful not expressed. Now, it would seem that when I have a ring, I can do what I want! But he is so calm person that helped me see some things differently. With Caspar, I became calmer.

Long-term work with a personal therapist came to fruition. After a series of sessions they managed to find the root of the temper of the British artist. As is often the case, the problem came from childhood and adolescence:

I have had problems in the family, in personal life. Probably all of this has exacerbated my character. Therapy helped me to get rid of the rage. And we must remember that anger won’t work. This problem does not need to be ashamed of. All angry — the question is how you do it.

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