Bożena Dykiel caught after a scandal. Her photos circulated in the media

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Nothing upsets a real artist more than nosy paparazzi.

Bożena Dykiel caught after a scandal. Her photos were circulated in the media

Many well-known people in the public space struggle with this problem, and among them is the 74-year-old actress and legend of Polish cinema and theater, Bożena Dykiel .

This genius artist recently, has made money among citizens obedient to the government when she expressed herself clearly and emphatically about who actually rules the world, who benefited the most from the pandemic and how we should take care of our own health.

Big scandal and unrefined memes

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The media attack on the actress began almost immediately after a live broadcast of one of the morning episodes in breakfast on TVN.

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When people They began to mock the actress, who had so far been the ambassador of one of the foundations dealing with depression sufferers, the actress was deprived of this function, which pushed a further avalanche of unrefined hatred on the shoulders of Bożena Dykiel.

The media tormented the artist, still recalling fragments of her statement, which did not comply with the commonly required narrative, at the same time calling it detached from reality.

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Fortunately, not everyone has the same opinion as the hosts in & oacute; who interrupted the actress in her opinion, while undermining her truthfulness.

Today Super Express reports that photojournalists “caught” the actress at the seaside during a private holiday with her husband. In the photos, the actress is enjoying a glass of something stronger, which was immediately immortalized by the unrecognized paparazzi. your hands were noticed and described by photojournalists!

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