Brad Pitt announced that he has a rare and incurable disease


July 10, 2022, 2:35 p.m. | Culture

The actor is sure he has prosopagnosia.

Brad Pitt reported that he has a rare and incurable disease

Hollywood handsome actor Brad Pitt is sure that he has a rare and incurable disease – prosopagnosia. In a new interview, Pitt noted that with this disease, a person stops recognizing faces, but can still recognize objects. Yes, many patients diagnosed with prosopagnosia do not recognize their family members, relatives and friends. Most often, they use alternative ways of remembering — hairstyle, head, clothes, informs Ukr.Media.

Brad tries very hard to remember people's faces, for example, when he comes to a party or social West. However, such attempts are not always crowned with success. According to the actor, he is ashamed of this, because such a feature led to a certain impression about his person. As if he is a closed and antisocial person, alienated from everyone, inaccessible and immersed in himself. Pitt also complained that many simply did not believe that he could have such a diagnosis. Many consider the actor simply ignorant.


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