Brad Pitt bought a new house in California for $40 million


    Brad Pitt bought a new house in California for $40 million

    Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt bought a new house on the beach worth $40 million . This is reported by the Daily Mail.

    The actor's new mansion, built in 1918, is located on the Carmel Highlands cliff in California and has a rich history: it was designed by iconic 20th-century architect Charles Summer Green, and also in this famous American writer Daniel James lived in the house.

    Since 1999, the house has been owned by the Searock company, associated with businessman Joseph Ritchie, who passed away earlier this year.

    The house is built of sandstone and granite, It has arched windows and a “Mediterranean-style” tiled roof. According to the publication, Pitt is a big fan of such houses.

    In May this year, a mansion in New York was put up for sale, in which Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie lived during their marriage. The name of the buyer is unknown, the property was sold for $ 13.6 million.

    It was also previously known that Brad Pitt gave his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston a mansion in Beverly Hills where they lived together for the 50th anniversary: this was reported by insiders in May of this year, although it happened back in 2019. The actress was very sorry that she had not bought the house, and Pitt decided to surprise her: he completely bought it and registered the ownership of the actress.


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