Brad Pitt explains why he wore a skirt to the movie premiere


    Brad Pitt explained why he wore a skirt to the movie premiere

    And the explanation came out quite chaotic

    58-year-old Brad Pitt put on a show from his appearance at the premiere of the film “Faster Bullet” in Berlin. The actor took to the red carpet in a linen suit, which consisted of a jacket and a skirt. Variety writes about this.

    His image made a splash, fashion tabloids began to find out who the author of the costume was, and it turned out to be the mysterious designer Haans Nicholas Mott, who creates his outfits by hand and who cannot get into clients if you don’t know another of his clients.

    After journalists began to wonder why Pitt chose such a strange outfit for the exit. And he finally gave an explanation.

    “I don't know! We're all going to die anyway, so let's ruin it!”, the actor told Variety.

    Brad Pitt explained why he wore a skirt for film premiere

    The Oscar winner stars in a film directed by David Leitch. He got the role of a hired killer named Ladybug, who finds himself on a high-speed train that goes from Tokyo to Kyoto in the company of hired killers.

    The exciting film also starred Joey King, Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Zazie Beetz and others.

    The thriller Bullet Train was originally scheduled for release in April 2022, but due to several delays, the release was pushed back to August 5.

    In Los Angeles, it was released on red carpet in a green pantsuit.


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