Brad pitt gave a candid interview with Anthony Hopkins: “I haven’t cried in 20 years”

The conversation of two legendary actors, the creative Duo which is familiar to the audience in the film “Meet Joe black”, published the magazine Interview.

Брэд Питт дал откровенное интервью Энтони Хопкинсу: «Я не плакал 20 лет»

Brad pitt spoke with his senior colleague, 81-year-old Anthony Hopkins on a movie, mistakes, children, and emotions. Pitt admitted that for too long has been emotionless, but now everything fell into place thanks to those around him, in common with Angelina Jolie children:

I didn’t cry for about twenty years. But now, at this stage of my life, I became more sensitive. Touch me, my children, my friends, just something new.

However, he is confident that his new-found sensitivity is a “good sign”:

I don’t know where and what it will bring, but I think that’s a good sign.

On the question of Hopkins that in his understanding of the meaning of wine, the actor said the following:

I understand it as an act of forgiveness for each of my choice, which I’m not proud of. I appreciate the mistakes because they led me to some wisdom, which, in turn, will lead me to something else.

Then pitt, though he did not name names (for example, his ex-wife Angelina Jolie), but very openly shared their thoughts about errors in the course of life:

We must accept our mistakes, accepting our weaknesses, our confusion. This is a charm. All wrong, but it is the next step after a mistake determines the essence of man. We are all human and want to find meaning in life. But to achieve this, we need two things: to keep the creative juices flowing and be with those we love.

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