Brave baby antelope attacked the leopard, repeatedly body it (video)

Храбрый детеныш антилопы атаковал леопарда, неоднократно бодая его (видео)

The network got a video of the confrontation baby African antelope, the Nyala and the leopard. It was filmed Andre Fourier — guide working in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Left without a mother at first the boy tried to escape, but then realized that he would not be able to do, and he went on the attack. He repeatedly attacks the enemy, body it.

According to the publication Latestsightings, distracted by the victim’s behavior leopard temporarily lost the instinct of a predator and gave up trying to dine a little antelope. The animals spent about two hours. Nyala went with the leopard, apparently deciding that he was adopted.

But then the hunger took over. And brave baby was the prey of a big cat.

According to Andre, it’s sad, but such are the laws of survival in nature. In addition, even if the kid managed to escape and return to her mother — she wouldn’t have taken it because it was the smell of a predator. He would be outcast and could not survive in any case.

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