Breach: Bruce Willis fries with an alien in the trailer

Breach: Bruce Willis fries with an alien in the trailer


Bruce Willis returns to sci-fi with a project not very exciting, but full of alien critters: Breach.

It had been years since the lustrous-headed action star had faced the genre. For this big comeback, Willis doesn't do things by halves and inherits one of the main roles of a classic sub- Alien , a genre that never seems to dry up. In Breach , previously called Anti-life , it is about a ship fleeing an Earth rotten by an epidemic (oops) and taken to task by an extraterrestrial threat capable of changing shape at will .

No, it's not him Bruce Willis

Nothing very original, then, in what looks like a mega-pot pourri of references to horrific science fiction, mixing without hiding too much Alien, The Thing and The Invasion of the Desecrators of the grave . But unlike its illustrious predecessors, the feature film seems to rely more on high-sounding action than on a heavy atmosphere. And that, we get it from the first trailer , showing off its nagging Series B orientation without camouflaging a photo and designs not much more inspired than the hairstyle of the aging hero.

Fake cults replicas ironic – as is original – on the age of Bruce Willis, rabid half-zombies and a hell of a bunch of plastic guns populate these first images. We can also see the rest of the cast, consisting of Cody Kearsley ( Riverdale ) or the indestructible Thomas Jane ( Blue Fear, The Punisher, The Predator ). This umpteenth action film with an average age over 50 years is directed by John Suits, used to this kind of fluff since he was already behind Pandemic or 400 Days , two films whose Allocine average will not reassure anyone.

Release scheduled in the United States on December 18, on all forms of screens. In France, nothing has been announced . Phew.

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