Brendan Fraser will return to the movies in an unexpected way


    Brendan Fraser will return to the movies in an unexpected way

    The life of the actor was not easy, and over the years, due to various events that affected his psychological state, Fraser did not play the main roles. We’ll tell you what happened to Hollywood’s favorite and in what role everyone will soon see him.

    Now Brendan Fraser is 53 years old, but many remember the actor from several fairly successful roles that he has played yet in his youth – the films “The Mummy”, “Blast from the Past” and “George of the Jungle”.

    Then the actor was very handsome, had a great body and he had a huge army of fans. But at the beginning of the 2000s, a black streak began in Fraser's life. In 2007, he divorced his wife, actress Afton Smith, with whom he had been married for nine years. The divorce significantly devastated the celebrity's bank accounts, and the court ordered him to pay his ex-wife 900 thousand dollars of alimony annually. For this reason, the actor began to grab any job and, probably, why the world saw so many sequels to The Mummy.

    But in the end, the desire to earn money played a trick on Fraser – on the set of the next “Mummy” he received very serious injuries that required surgical interventions. So, until 2015, the actor was constantly treated, which also affected his weight and psychological health. He could no longer pay huge sums to his ex-wife and even applied to the court to reduce the amount of alimony, but the court did not satisfy this claim, and Fraser was obliged to pay.

    This period of Brendan's life also saw the death of his mother and ridicule on the Web. The fact is that some time after the loss of a loved one, the actor attended the event and was in a suspended emotional state – he practically cried on the track. Unknowing all the ins and outs of Brendan's life made a stupid meme out of his photo.

    Also in his life there was a moment and sexual harassment, but only Brendan was harassed. In 2018, he claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Philip Burke, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, at a dinner in the summer of 2003, when Burke grabbed his buttock and touched his private parts. The story did not end with anything, but Fraser claimed that due to the fact that he revealed it to the world, he was blacklisted and no longer given film roles.

    But, nevertheless, the actor continued to work and appeared in very minor roles or voiced cartoons. And now, after so many years, Brendan will finally appear in the film in the title role – the actor will play in the film “The Whale” directed by Darren Aronofsky and written by Samuel D. Hunter, based on his play of the same name. The drama film will premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

    “The Whale” will be about an obese man who is trying to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter. He left the family for a male lover who later died. Charlie then began to overeat due to heartache and guilt, and gained almost 300 kilograms. But Fraser did not repeat the experience of Rene Zellweger in Bridget Jones's Diaries and did not specifically gain weight for the film, the make-up artists used special overlays.


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