Brigitte Macron frenzied dancer: this video of the First Lady is causing the buzz

Brigitte Macron frenzied dancer: this video of the First Lady is making the buzz

Brigitte Macron launches into a wild dance during the music festival. This video of the First Lady is causing the buzz.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the music festivaltook place on Tuesday June 21, 2022, singers Youssou N’Dour, Charlie Winston but also Synapson and Xenia were invited to the Elysée. For this event, Brigitte Macron was on her 31 as always! She chose a casual look and chic with a blue leather jacket, skinny jeans and ankle boots with stiletto heels. A rock & chic that highlights her slender legs and waist. To be even more trendy, she opted for a simple and basic white t-shirt, but timeless.

Driven by the music, she made the buzz on twitter with her swaying hips and her frenzied dance! Indeed, a video posted shows us the First Lady waddling from left to right, clapping her hands, nodding her head and whistling to Youssou N'Dour's song. The video of the president's wife received a few mixed comments on social media. Some appreciate the First Lady's laid-back dance as one netizen points out:“Brigitte, we're all with you!” », while others are more critical:“Mdr Brigitte” or “Grandmother dances well”.

Brigitte Macron: a woman who likes to move!

We know that Brigitte Macron is never the last to wiggle. Indeed, during the show Symphony for lifespecial Yellow Pieces, the First Lady once again proved her few dance steps. During the music festival of June 21, 2019, the wife of the Head of State also gave in to the frenzied rhythms of Iris Gold, who performed in the courtyard of the Palace. A woman who likes to move but who has also received criticism: “The people are dying, the elderly can no longer eat, families are sleeping outside and meanwhile the macroutes are spending the taxpayers' money at the party (…) Pitiful decadence. », comments a surfer on Youtube. We are waiting for next year to see what Brigitte has in store for us!

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