Britney Spears memoir delayed due to paper shortage


    Publication memoir of Britney Spears is delayed due to paper shortages

    Britney Spears

    Britney Spears has completed work on her memoirs, which fans of the singer around the world are waiting for, however The release of the book had to be postponed due to a shortage of paper, according to the tabloid TMZ.

    Problems with paper at one of the largest American publishers Simon & Schuster began during the coronavirus pandemic as people began to order a lot more print publications, while workers in pulp and paper mills began to quit en masse. The publisher was unable to provide Britney with the agreed circulation, so it was decided to postpone the release of her memoirs from January 2023 indefinitely.

    Publication of Britney Spears memoirs delayed due to paper shortage

    Recall that Britney Spears signed a contract with Simon & Schuster to publish the book in February 2022 with a $15 million advance. In the author's material, the pop star planned to talk about her career, difficult relationships with her family and the time spent under the tutelage of her father Jamie.

    The court appointed custody of Britney in 2008, after the singer suffered a nervous breakdown against the background of alcohol and drug abuse and increased media attention. For 13 years, Jamie Spears controlled all the personal affairs, career and finances of his daughter. Britney has repeatedly stated that during this period, relatives often violated her rights and that they “should be in prison” for the way they treated her.


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