Britney Spears published and quickly deleted personal correspondence, including with her mother


    Britney Spears published and quickly deleted personal correspondence, including with her mother

    Britney Spears

    Britney Spears continues to sort things out with loved ones — publicly, in social networks, since in real life the singer does not communicate with relatives. This time, the star has decided to make public some of her 2019 chats — then she was in a psychiatric clinic. Britney posted several screenshots, but quickly deleted the post.

    One of the pictures shows the singer's correspondence with her mother, Lynn Spears. Britney complains that she has been given an increase in one of her medications (used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder):

    I thought it was sleeping pills, but it's for bipolar disorder and it's a hell of a lot stronger than lithium… I'm already sick of the drugs in my stomach… Feels like he's trying to kill me, I swear to God

    — writes Britney. It is not clear who she is talking about, — about a doctor or about a father who was known to control her treatment. The singer signed under the screenshot that she never received a response from her mother to these messages.

    Britney Spears posted and quickly deleted personal correspondence, including with her mother

    Lynn Spears

    Spears also posted correspondence with her childhood friend Jensen Fitzgerald. There, the singer asks to help her find the phone number of a new lawyer, however, according to her, her friend did not answer her either.

    The third screenshot shows the message that Britney sent to the lawyer:

    I want to go to court when I get out of here. For me to be in charge of my treatment, for my boyfriend to be allowed to stay at my place… He needs to get the right to see my children… I want to change guards… When the program is over, I don't want to work anymore… I want to live my interesting life, I want to be allowed to drive a car, I want to go on vacation three times this year — in Miami, New York and Hawaii.

    The mother of the star and her friend have already responded to the publication of messages. Jensen Fitzgerald posted on Instagram the full version of the correspondence, where you can see that she answered the singer.

    I answered! But I always suspected that someone deletes some of my messages, — I don't know who did it.

    Jensen also wrote that she “talked” to Britney “on a daily basis” while she was in the clinic:

    Her mom and I even met with a lawyer to try to help her, because we knew they wouldn't let us in… When Britney checked out of the clinic, she blocked me, and since then we never spoke again! I tried unsuccessfully to contact her in various ways for three years. I miss my friend terribly and want only the best for her!

    Britney's mother, Lynn, in response to her daughter's post, said that she could also post the full versions of the correspondence, and turned to her:

    Britney, it hurts me that you think the people who love you have betrayed you! Let me come! I love you!

    The singer posted an emotional new post in which she accused her mother of a variety of things, including the fact that she “went to restaurants every night with her girlfriends, drank wine and took stupid pictures”, while Britney herself “couldn't go out or have a boyfriend”:

    You all ruined my life! I don't remember any messages from you!

    Britney Spears published and quickly deleted personal correspondence, including with her mother

    Spears also reminded her mother of her memoirs, where Lynn described the details of Britney's breakup with ex-husband Kevin Federline :

    And then you released a book and told everyone about my heartbreak when Kevin took the kids… You made fun of me… Yes, I'll say that. And I am outraged that you continue to play the role of a loving mother!

    — wrote the star.

    Britney's posts on social media often baffle the public, with fans increasingly expressing concern about the singer's peace of mind. So, the other day her candid photos from London were widely discussed.

    Meanwhile, according to the press, Spears is returning to her musical career. According to Variety, Britney met Elton John in the studio last week and they recorded a cover of his 1971 song Tiny Dancer together. The track is expected to be released in August.


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