Britney Spears: the rumor of her return to the stage has the effect of a bomb

Britney Spears: Rumor of her return to the stage goes like a bomb

Britney Spears back on stage soon? Fans dream of it and could well see their wish come true from 2023. We tell you everything!

In recent months, Britney Spears has made a lot of headlines in the news people. But this was more about his private life and not his musical career. Indeed, the 40-year-old singer has recently had a very hectic daily life! She was first released from her father's guardianship last November, after years of legal battle. Finally happy and fulfilled, the star then displayed her happiness on the arm of her fiancé Sam Asghari. The couple even announced in April that they were expecting a child. This would have been the third for the interpreter of Toxic.

But Britney Spears had to announce terrible news on Instagram a few days ago. She had a miscarriage and lost the baby she had been hoping for. Despite the pain, the star tried to stay positive with these beautiful words about her relationship: “Our love for each other is our strength. We will continue to try to expand our beautiful family.” The singer's fans have remained on this sad event. So they didn't expect to hear about their idol so quickly… And for musical reasons! It was The Sun magazine that broke the news: Britney Spears could well return to the stage in 2023.

Britney Spears soon in residence in Las Vegas?

According to the English tabloid, serious discussions would have been started. The idea is to schedule a residency of Britney Spears in Las Vegas next year. The promoters thus wish to make the singer the star of a new hotel complex, the Resorts World. This also follows the cancellation of Celine Dion's show. A source reportedly said: “No official announcement has been made yet. But the talks have really begun. Britney could return to the stage as quickly as next year in Vegas. […] This was Britney's second trip to Resorts World this past weekend with her boyfriend Sam and, notably, her agent.” Suffice to say that this rumor is arousing a lot of enthusiasm among fans, Britney Spears not having been on stage since 2018… So hoping that this is confirmed!

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