Broke the quarantine, and paid the price: in Africa, the man fled on a fishing trip and was eaten by a bloodthirsty…

Нарушил карантин и поплатился: в Африке мужчина сбежал на рыбалку и был съеден кровожадным...

In the distant African countries, Rwanda is also a raging pandemic coronavirus and local residents ordered to stay in their homes, in any case without leaving them.

A country with a population of over 12 million people located on a two-week quarantine. In Rwanda closed down various businesses, banned travel between cities and areas, prohibited leaving the house unless absolutely necessary.

What leads to the violation of the ban, said Alice of Kayitesi, the mayor of akarere (district) Kamonyi in the southern province of the country. Words of the official results Daily News.

“He broke the rules of the quarantine, left the village and went to the river Nyabarongo, although all were warned about hidden danger. Unfortunately, the man became one of the very few people who do not cooperate with the authorities to stop the virus“, she said.

On the banks of the river were found the remains of clothes of local residents and the traces of the crocodile, which led to the water.

According to Alice, crocodiles quite often attack people annually recorded hundreds of such cases from one-third to half of fatal, depending on the species of reptiles. Many of the cases occur in small communities, therefore, are not covered widely in the press and on TV.

The attacks became more frequent due to the fact that people do not go to work and decide to devote their free time fishing. Which often ends very sadly.

So it is hard to think about whether to adhere to the rules of quarantine, or to walk alone in the river,” says mayor.

According to official data, in Rwanda identified 41 cases of infection with coronavirus, no deaths were recorded.

Per day was identified 48 thousand 798 new cases. During the pandemic died 23 thousand 586 people. The mortality rate remains within 16%. Active are 372 884 thousand cases of infection.

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