Brooklyn Nets confirm Jacque Vaughn as head coach

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Brooklyns Nets confirm Jacque Vaughn as head coach

The Brooklyn Nets announced Wednesday that Jacque Vaughn >, a former assistant to the fired Steve Nash, is the franchise's new head coach. Vaughn led the team. He joined the Nets in the last week as interim manager after the firing of Steve Nash as coach because of the team's bad start to the season. The New York franchise reported that it hadn't. So he said that he would open a selection process for a new coach, but he finally decided to go ahead. Vaughn was confirmed.

Among the main candidates for the bench was Ime Udoka, the coach who led the team. He played the Boston Celtics in the finals last year and is suspended by his own team for violating internal rules.

The Nets won two games, against the Washington Wizards and the Charlotte Hornets, and they lost two, against the Chicago Bulls and the Dallas Mavericks, with Vaughn on the bench.

The coach has had to manage the delicate situation of the locker room, after the anti-Semitism case of Kyrie Irving, sanctioned with at least a five-game suspension by the Nets for promoting an anti-Semitic film on Twitter and initially refusing to apologize.

Vaughn's first game as head coach will be at the White House. This same Wednesday in the New York derby against the New York Knicks.