Brossard at the heart of the electoral struggle in Montérégie | Elections Quebec 2022

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Brossard at the heart of the electoral struggle in Mont&érégie | &Elections Québec 2022

Logo of the city of Brossard on boulevard Leduc, at the entrance to Quartier Dix30

The population of Brossard, at the foot of the Samuel-de-Champlain bridge, must choose on October 3 who will succeed the Liberal MP in office in La Pinière since 2014. Gaétan Barrette is not seeking a new mandate. The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) relies on its president, Linda Caron, while the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) presents a doctor to succeed Dr Barrette.

The county of La Pinière has always been liberal, recalls candidate Linda Caron, who joined the party at 18. It was in 1984, even before La Pinière became an electoral district. Unlike Gaétan Barrette, who was a candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec, she remained loyal to the party.

I have always been an activist in the Liberal Party of Quebec, she says interviewed at his electoral office, a former counter of vitamins and dietary supplements on La Pinière Boulevard. It's a party that shares my values ​​of openness, inclusion, individual freedoms and all that.

People of Chinese origin and other visible minorities represented 43% of the population of La Pinière according to 2016 federal census data presented on the Elections Quebec website.

In a county like LaPinière, a very diverse county where my neighbors come from all over. It's important to have a voice in the National Assembly to continue to insist on the importance of being inclusive in Quebec, because we need of everyone at the economic and social level.

PLQ candidate in La Pinière, Linda Caron.

The governance expert at the National School of Public Administration has lived in Brossard since 1991. She has been involved in several organizations such as the Maison de la famille, the Amis de la Bibliothèque, the Brossard Business Association. The former warden of La Résurrection parish plans to keep the riding in the Liberal fold, despite the difficulties facing the party.

We are in a situation of change, of renewal. This is a situation that several parties can experience. I am confident that with the projects put forward and with the vision for the environment, we will make breakthroughs.

The recent error of 16 billion dollars in the financial framework of the PLQ does not undermine its confidence.

I am not happy with that, she admits. One thing is certain, we are not going to invent revenues like the CAQ did in its financial framework and we are not going to dip into the generation fund either, because intergenerational equity is an important value in the Liberal Party. The Generations Fund allows us to have a better credit rating than Ontario, she adds

But to be elected to the National Assembly, Linda Caron will have to obtain more votes than her opponent, a doctor from the CAQ.

“If I were a doctor, my sense of public service would be to continue practicing full time because the crying need we have in Quebec is to have a family doctor.

—Linda Caron, Quebec Liberal Party candidate for La Pinière

Car in the colors of the CAQ in plain sight, Samuel Gatien arrives with his team at Mail Champlain, a shopping center on boulevard Taschereau that has become a must for candidates from La Pinière.

My patients, I keep them, he quickly clarifies. I keep my practice at the clinic, I will be there 100% for the citizens of La Pinière and 100% for my patients.

CAQ candidate in La Pinière, Samuel Gatien, at Mail Champlain in Brossard.

The candidate returning from a mission in Abitibi nevertheless undertakes to abandon certain professional activities if he is elected. He says he saw the negative effects of the Barrette reform during five weeks spent in a CHSLD at the start of the pandemic in 2020.

It was a catalyst, he says, recalling having asked the head nurse to create a red zone for patients with COVID. The delay before obtaining the authorization was, according to him, fatal for several of them, for lack of a manager on the spot.

Since the reform, there is no longer a field manager. It has to go through the structure, this huge pyramid. It took three days before we had a positive response, so everyone became positive. I saw people die because of it.

He then decided to go into politics.

“I'm getting involved because I want the health care system to change and Mr. Dubé [Minister of Health] has a great plan and he wants me to work with him. And for that, people have to trust me. »

— Samuel Gatien, Coalition avenir Québec candidate in La Pinière

Dr. Gatien describes himself as a workaholic and says he is ready to combine both life as a doctor, an MP and a young father. His campaign manager is also his spouse.

I've been with Jonathan for over nine years and we've been married for over seven, he says. We were lucky to have a little girl thanks to a surrogate mother, so we live the life of Dad, it's extraordinary.

Several candidates have met with the mayor of Brossard, Doreen Assaad, to hear her demands as the elections approach. Restoring boulevard Taschereau, which is under the responsibility of the Ministère des Transports du Québec, is one of its priorities.

Just in terms of maintenance, we see that ;there is a problem. The number of potholes is really in an unacceptable state, insists the mayor.

The Mayor of Brossard, Doreen Assaad.

It is sure that I'm going to work on it, agrees Linda Caron. It's a main thoroughfare and there are sections in Brossard that are in bad shape.

Yes, I am committed to ensuring that Taschereau is refurbished, adds the CAQ candidate who says he wonders while driving if he will get out of there with a flat tire or one less tire.

The mayor is also asking the candidates to intervene so that the problem of repeated power outages in certain areas of Brossard can be resolved. Hydro-Québec claims that the abundant vegetation near the wires is in question, but that its teams are mobilized to improve service. In problem areas, the network is aging and mature trees overhang the lines, which increases the likelihood of outages, writes a spokesperson for the state company.

The five main parties present candidates in the riding of La Pinière. The Parti Québécois presents Suzanne Gagnon, a longtime activist and French teacher who has been living in Brossard for 10 years. The Conservative Party presents a law graduate and corrections officer of Bulgarian origin, Tzarevna Bratkova, and Québec Solidaire presents the young economist Jean-Claude Mugaba.

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