Brother of Backstreet Boys lead singer Aaron Carter dies

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Brother of Backstreet Boys lead singer Aaron Carter dies

career as a child with participation in several tours and concerts of the Backstreet Boys. In the late 90s and early 2000s, he sold millions of copies of his four albums.

At the age of 34, an American musician, the younger brother of the lead singer of the cult band Backstreet Boys, Aaron Carter, died in Lancaster. This is reported by the Hollywood Reporter.

It is known that he was found dead in the bathroom, but the cause of death is unknown. However, in recent years he struggled with drug addiction and was constantly in rehabilitation centers.

The last time he got into a rehabilitation center in 2017 after his arrest on suspicion of drunk driving and charges of using marijuana.


“It is with great regret that I confirm that Aaron Carter is found dead in his home in Palmdale, California. The family has been notified and she will be flown to Los Angeles. Aaron worked very hard for the rest of his life to recover, to be a good father and redeem himself with his family,” the musician's representatives say.

Earlier it was reported that one of the founders of rock and roll, Jerry Lee Lewis, died at the age of 87.

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