“Brotherly grave in the centre of Paris”: in France there was a scandal with the storage of the bodies of donors

"Братская могила в центре Парижа": во Франции разгорелся скандал с центром хранения тел доноров

In France, where dogs recently killed in the forest 27-year-old woman, sparked a new scandal: the administration of the capital University of Paris-Descartes was forced to close its centre, which contained the bodies of donors who donated them to science.

About it writes British The Sun.

According to reports, thousands of bodies were stored in unsanitary conditions and, in fact, was left to decay.

Authorities began the investigation after the publication in the edition of l’express.

"Братская могила в центре Парижа": во Франции разгорелся скандал с центром хранения тел доноров

It journalists called the center “a mass grave in the heart of Paris”.

In its investigation, the Newspapers found out that the bodies of donors were kept in unsanitary conditions for over 10 years. Additionally, bodies or body parts were sold to private companies — for example, for testing the safety of cars.

In particular, according to l’express, the body can be bought for 900 euros, and limbs — for 400 euros.

Also, sometimes the bodies are just piled on top of each other “without dignity,” the newspaper said.

The journalists say they had the opportunity to see the photos that were shot in the premises of the institution in 2016.

In view of the revealed facts, the University was forced to apologize to the relatives of the donor bodies and recognize that the practice of their donor centre did not meet the “requirements of public dignity”.

Currently, the centre is temporarily closed until until the the French Ministry of education will not hold its on.

there were found the corpse of the former military, which three years spent in his apartment.

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