BRP's cyberattack will have cost it 45 days of production

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BRP's cyberattack cost it 45 days of production

The cyberattack cost BRP 45 days of production.

The cyberattack suffered by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) will have had little impact on the company, according to BRP President and CEO José Boisjoli. During a presentation of the financial statements to investors on Wednesday, the latter estimated that the attack which occurred last August will have cost 45 days of production at the Valcourt plant.

The latter was closed for almost two weeks, the time to secure the systems. Counting overtime to catch up, the president estimated that the factory lost a month and a half of production, but it was quickly caught up.

José Boisjoli admitted that there have been delays in delivery and communication problems with customers, but that beyond that, he believes that the impacts will have been limited. Incidentally, the CEO announced that the company's second quarter profits were up from the prior year.

A At the time of the cyberattack, BPR noted that it took immediate action to contain the situation, while stressing that it could delay certain transactions with customers and suppliers. José Boisjoli repeated on Wednesday that the company had updated its security plan and that its rapid response had limited the damage.

The ransomware responsible for the #x27;attack, RansomEXX, however, had uploaded 30 gigabytes of confidential data on the dark web (dark web), followed by a second leak containing, among other things, data on Netflix accounts , PornHub, PayPal and AccèsD employees.

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