Bruno Marchand would like all parties to have a place in the National Assembly | Elections Quebec 2022

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Bruno Marchand would like all parties to have a place in the National Assembly | Élections Québec 2022

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Bruno Marchand at the municipal council of October 4, 2022

Parties that failed to elect 12 deputies or to obtain 20% of the vote should be able to have their place in the National Assembly, says the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand.

He agreed on Tuesday with the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, who, earlier in the day on Tuesday, had been the first to demand budgets and speaking time.

The PQ leader pleaded in a press briefing that denying space to the PQ – which received nearly 15% of the vote, but elected only three deputies – would be an attack on democracy.

< p class="e-p">With 13% of the vote and no deputy, Éric Duhaime's Conservative Party is also demanding to be able, among other things, to hold press briefings in the people's house.

Québec solidaire, for its part, had 11 deputies elected, with just over 15% of the votes, which also does not allow it to be recognized as a parliamentary group.

This whole issue will soon be the subject of negotiation with the government and the Liberal Party of Quebec. However, not making room for parties could inflame tensions, Mr. Marchand seemed to fear.

It is in our interest that the debates of ideas, of all ideas combined, take place in the National Assembly, reacted the mayor on Tuesday at a press briefing at the town hall.

As a population, it is in our interest that when it represents a critical mass of people, when we represent 13%, 10% of the world, […] that these people -there can be heard.

Otherwise, people will mobilize. […] Will there be grumbling, dissatisfaction, perhaps. There is a saying that goes: "Who doesn't end up in parliament ends up in the street."

We are not talking about revolution here, but it means that& #x27;we do not hear these debates in parliament. We don't do them in the right places, […] it's not ideal, added Mr. Marchand.

Bruno Marchand wanted to congratulate François Legault's Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) for its resounding victory – he said cities will not play the role of opposition.

“If you go to negotiate with your banker, then you come back with the idea of ​​being his opposition, you may not come out with the money you you need. »

— Bruno Marchand, Mayor of Quebec

If we play an opposition game, I think we will delay a lot of things, it will cost a lot more, because it will take a lot longer, he added.


However, it reserves the right to disagree with the benefits of the third link project between Quebec and Lévis, which it has still not officially approved , for lack of studies.

To Mr. Legault, who believes that he indirectly received strong support from the third link, Mr. Marchand replies that he takes note of the result of the election, but that he keeps it for the moment. a point of view that is neither positive nor negative.

One ​​thing is certain, Bruno Marchand wants the appointment of a next responsible minister of the Capitale-Nationale who will have the dog and the ability to collaborate.

It was Geneviève Guilbault who held these positions until now under the CAQ, but Mrs. Legault could this time be tempted to appoint a minister from the South Shore, which Bruno Marchand says he is open to.

The ideal profile is ;is someone who has dog, who is capable of self-sacrifice, so [who puts] the best interest of the region first, and from there, we will make sparks, we going to make fireworks, he promises.

Besides s, Mr. Marchand congratulated voters in the Quebec region for turning out en masse on Monday evening, and for having boosted the [turnout rate of] Quebec.

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