Buckingham Palace unexpectedly made an exception for Harry. This issue has aroused considerable controversy from the very beginning

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The grandchildren of the deceased queen appeared at her coffin. Everyone turned their attention to Harry.

 Buckingham Palace unexpectedly made an exception for Harry & rsquo; ego. This issue is controversial from the beginning

Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8. From that moment on, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland plunged into mourning and preparations began for the farewell ceremony of the monarch, who sat on the throne for seventy years.

The media's attention also focused heavily on members of the royal family, especially the new king Charles III, his wife and sons. Interestingly, a very frequently discussed topic in the last week was the question of Harry & rsquo; s clothing, which, unlike his brother, could not wear a military uniform during a procession through the streets of the city behind the coffin with the body of the deceased queen.

The younger son of the king lost this privilege when he resigned from his royal obligations and moved out of Great Britain. So at the last ceremony he had to put on a civilian uniform.

Portal & ldquo; Jastrząb Post & rdquo; reports that an exception has recently been allowed, however. All of Elizabeth II's grandsons appeared at Westiminister Hall, keeping watch together for a quarter of an hour by the coffin. In addition to William and Harry, there were the daughters of Prince Andrzej, Beatrice and Eugenia, children of Princess Anna, Peter Philips and Zara Tindall, as well as Prince Edward Louise and James.

Many people drew attention to Harry, who was wearing his old uniform on this occasion. However, it is already known that a similar decision cannot be counted on at the royal funeral.

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