Building haunted by a ghost: the disturbing story in the heart of Paris

Building haunted by a ghost: the disturbing story in the middle of the Paris region

The Ghost Stories… are apparently not just legends. In any case, these inhabitants of a building are protesting!

The town hall of Fontenay-aux-Roses, in the Hauts-de-Seine, received a very strange letter on May 23. Indeed, it refers to a request for emergency relocation, and was signed by ten inhabitants of the same building. The reason ? Their homes are said to be “haunted”by ghosts. Le Parisien reveals that the signatories, living on the 1st to 5th floors of the same stairwell, claim to feel “a presence”. They would also see shadows and lights, and hear strange noises. The authors of the mail state: “All tenants affected by this incident will be able to justify what they have seen, namely ghosts appearing in our apartments and in the building. As a result, almost all families are sick and affected along with their children. »

Gisèle, one of the signatories, did not believe in ghost stories before moving in in 2013. However, she is now very worried. Witnessing paranormal phenomena in her apartment, she feels tired. The resident says, “The chairs, the plates move on their own. Light bulbs that turn off and turn on by themselves… These are scary things. Today, my 14-year-old son is sleeping in my room because at night someone was tickling his feet. His isolated testimony might seem goofy. However, she is far from the only one to describe these kinds of strange occurrences. Souad, a resident whose son tried to end his life, defends Gisèle's version. She said, “I may be mad, you may be mad, but the whole building can't be mad.” »

A resident: “We, we believes in witchcraft. »

Another resident of this building strongly believes in this supernatural presence. He says, “Based on my belief, I know things can happen. I am Muslim. We believe in witchcraft. Some decide to follow the advice of their imam by pouring salt on the threshold of their homes. However, several residents wonder if the death of a 72-year-old tenant might have triggered these phenomena. The man, presented as a mystic, would have declared himself to see ghosts. The town hall, surprised by the number of signatures on the letter, plans to receive the worried inhabitants. The mayor declares: “We take things seriously because it is a suffering that is expressed. The building was already considered dilapidated, in particular because of the presence of asbestos.

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