Burak Ozchivit radically changed his image after the birth of his son


October 23, 2019, 18:45 | Culture

A star from the "Great Age" Burak Ozchivit changed his hairstyle and showed it to users.

Burak Ozchivit radically changed his image after the birth of his son

Turkish actor and favorite of many fair sex Burak Ozcivit changed his hairstyle. The actor shared photos in his new image on his Instagram page. By the way, the premiere of Osman Gazi's Renaissance series took place recently. Ozchivit played the main role in it. Now girls all over the planet are waiting for the appearance of a brown-eyed handsome man in a new TV series, informs Ukr.Media.

In order to star in a new work, Burak had to leave his little son Karan and his beloved, actress Fakhrie Evjen. Apparently, the upcoming role will be a breakthrough in the actor's career and will bring him worldwide fame. And in order for everything to be at the highest level, Burak works diligently.

For filming, Burak is engaged in horseback riding, and he has also changed his appearance. The Turkish actor had to grow long hair. This is how he now appears at various events: with long and thick hair, which he collects in a tail. On his Instagram page, the actor has already published several photos in a new look.

It is interesting that together with Ozcivit in the series, his partner – a student Ozge Torer, who has no experience in filming at all.


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