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Purchasing real estate at auction: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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While according to some experts real estate loan rates should fall soon, it is nonetheless very complicated to buy a home at the moment. So, you have to think about all the possible alternatives that could possibly make this possible, such as purchasing real estate at auction for example.

An approach that we rarely think about, but which nevertheless presents considerable advantages, especially with regard to the prices of these goods. Let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing real estate at auction.

Advantageous prices

This is of course the most important element more attractivewith regard to purchases of real estate through auctions. Auctions organized by notaries are therefore relatively easy to access, and also have the major advantage of being able to consult the goods presented online, with documents describing them.

The goods that are sold at auctions are often goods without heirs, or resulting from disagreements between several parties. Most of the time, to make these auctions more attractive, the lots are priced for 20% less than the estimate. So, with a little luck, you could make some nice savings on the purchase of your home.

To make a real investment which could be particularly viable in this regard, there are also judicial auctions which put up for sale goods seized for compulsory liquidation or unpaid, where the prices are generally well below the estimates.

< p>Of course,to access prices lower than the real estate market, you have to accept the many disadvantagesthat accompany the purchase of real estate at auction.

Purchases morally questionable

There are no good feelings in business. If buying real estate following a death without heirs seems rather logical, other purchases mentioned a little above are morally rather questionable. Buying the house that was taken by force from someone who no longer had the possibility of paying the payments and ending up outside, you have to be able to take it on afterwards.

Buying real estate in auction, a very rapid process

One could even say too rapid. Indeed,speed of purchase is an integral part of purchasing real estate at auction. This can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you are looking to buy a home quickly, very good, but know that it is essential to know that it is impossible to withdraw from a won auction without losing money financially.

Purchasing real estate at auction: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

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It is therefore imperative to obtain firm and definitive agreement from your bank in the case of a real estate loan before bidding on a property. Generally, it is also possibleto carry out a single visit to a property, which also takes place in a group.

You must therefore be certain of your decision in order to avoid feeling regrets by purchasing accommodation for which you have incorrectly estimated the extent of the work, for example.

Be careful of additional costs

Who says auction, says many additional costs not to be neglected. If the properties present at auction are often at a price lower than the real estate market, you must not get excited and bid only to find yourself caught in the throat by the costs. The auction organizer often charges the buyer a fee based on a percentage of the sale price for example. Do not forget the notary fees as well as the guarantee costs. You should also know that in legal auctions, only a lawyer is authorized to participate. So, you will have to add lawyer fees to the mix. If you don't pay attention to all these additional charges, your good plan can quickly turn into a nightmare. We can only advise you to consult a lawyer specializing in the field before investing in a property.

A canceled sale

If you have thought carefully about your purchase and are certain of your calculations, you can finally try to obtain your property through an auction. Surprise, you win the auction and will achieve the bargain of your life… Only, the auction is canceled by the seller! Especially in the context of legal auctions, it regularly happens that a good is withdrawn from the market even though it has been won. So, we can only imagine the frustration that this induces in the buyer.

The 3 pieces of information to remember:

  • Buying real estate at auction can allow you to make significant savings on accommodation.
  • On the other hand, you must pay attention to additional costs which can be high.
  • You must also be aware that, sometimeswinning an auction does not mean that you have secured the purchase of the property. li>
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