Buzz Lightyear: 3 filming anecdotes to know

Buzz Lightyear: 3 filming anecdotes to know

Buzz Lightyear was released in theaters this Wednesday, June 22. The opportunity to return to the shooting of the film dedicated to the greatest ranger in space. Particularly on 3 secret anecdotes.

Buzz Lightyear, spin-off of the saga Toy Story, hits theaters this Wednesday, June 22. The film is dedicated to the greatest ranger in space and centers on his youth. How did it inspire the famous toy? Why is he considered a hero? Buzz Lightyear recounts the adventures of his eponymous character, long before his arrival in the famous Pixar cartoon. Besides, this Buzzis very different from the one we knew as a toy. Writer Andrew Stanton said, “Usually he makes us laugh. But this film reminds us that he was first a character who aroused admiration. What was funny was that Buzz was playing him unaware that he was a toy. Conversely, the real Buzz is very serious and ambitious. And the release of the film is an opportunity to focus a little more on this extraordinary character. But also on the secrets and anecdotes of shooting, allowing to give this result. Here are 3 of them.

Buzz Lightyear inspired by Star Wars?

The Toy Story saga is a far cry from the ;universe of the new movie Buzz Lightyearr. For good reason, it takes place in space, about 4 million light years from Earth. Angus MacLane, the director explained that it alludes to some science fiction classics, in addition to being a tribute to cinema. He says: “The slightly retro aesthetic, inspired by films from the 1970s and 1980s. Like Star Wars, Because of an assassination or Raiders of the Lost Ark. And Japanese cartoons of the time. I wanted a very contrasting tactile side reminiscent of the French New Wave”. If Buzz Lightyear recalls the very famous saga and the Star Wars universe, it’s because it’s wanted!

Disney at the heart of a controversy

This is not the first time that a Disney/Pixar film has been at the heart of a controversy. Racism, homophobia… you name it! This time it's Disney employeeswho criticized the choices made by the animation studio. The reason ? Their lack of response to the “Don’t say gay” bill. The latter aims to prohibit discussions around sexual orientation and gender identities at school. The press release from the employees will have made it possible to get things moving since in Buzz Lightyear, we can see a kiss between two women. Although this romantic exchange had been suppressed, it was finally rehabilitated in the face of controversy.

Training at NASA for the Buzz Lightyear teams

To carry out the Buzz Lightyear project, the creators went to great lengths. As proof, they had the chance and the opportunity to visit NASA. The goal is to adapt perfectly to the universe highlighted in the film. Tim Evatt, production designer, explained: “We took accelerated training on space travel! We were able to rub shoulders with the astronauts and ask them all the questions we wanted”. This isn't the first time that Disney has researched and immersed itself before producing a film. For The Lion King, the teams had observed the wild animals in the African savanna for several weeks in order to stick as closely as possible to reality.< /p>

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