By following these rules, you will find true happiness for life


July 22, 2022, 14:04 | In the world

Buddhist rules that should be adopted.

Following these rules you will find true happiness in everything life

So the Buddha himself commanded. Who, to be honest, saw all these truths in the Vedas, written more than 5,000 years ago, informs Ukr.Media.

Happiness is in you

Why are we always waiting for X hour? Here I will have a new job – I will buy myself a fur coat. A fur coat will appear – I will go to a restaurant with my friends. I will go to a restaurant – I will meet a worthy man. I will meet a man – I will find love and happiness. And so ad infinitum… who told you it would be like this?

Why did you decide to look for happiness on the side? Is someone else more interested in your comfort and harmony than you? No and no again. Only you are able to make yourself happy as much as you feel the need for it. All the tools are inside you, not in the surrounding space and those people who scurry day by day in your life.

Find a moment, or better yet, set aside an entire hour for communication with yourself and look into the very depths of yourself. Find all your resources, all the advantages and raise this powerful layer to the surface. This is true happiness. You have you. The most precious creature in the world.

Learn to give thanks

In most cases, after receiving what we want, we forget to respond with gratitude in return. But when they wondered about the secret or prayed about the impossible, they promised to thank fate, praise God and believe in Providence until the end of their days. But… they forgot. What should not be done in any case. Everything that happens to us in life, whether it is bad or good, has its price.

Every event comes for something. The good brings joy, the bad teaches acceptance and patience. But if with the pleasant moments that meet you on the path of life, everything is more or less clear, then the question of why troubles constantly happen is always on the agenda for everyone.

And all because we step over these lessons, do not take any life wisdom from them and after a certain time step on the same rake again. It would be more correct to thank fate for the fact that this event came into your life, and try to find the point from which it sprouted, so as not to return there. Everything is very simple.

Every day is a holiday

Any success, luck and even, it would seem, luck is actually a lot of work – both yours and the higher forces. It cannot be taken for granted. Every victory, even if it seems insignificant and insignificant compared to others, should be celebrated. You should be proud of it, you should share it, and then you will always achieve your goals and get what you want.

Your energy of joy and strength will attract even more good coincidences into your space. This rule really works. Do not hold back your emotions when you hear a compliment or receive a small gift. Be sincerely happy that such wonderful moments are happening in your life, and there will be many times more of them.

Non-accidental passer-by

As much as we would like one person to pass by and another to stay longer in our lives, everything is predetermined. Each random stranger has a mission in our destiny. Some come to teach us to rejoice, others to cry.

People are not to blame for the feelings and emotions we feel throughout our life, but the events associated with them. They are for us, just as we are for them or other people, just guides, teachers, helpers, but in no case doers.

Here is an example for you. Unpleasant, but visible. An acquaintance complains that the same men happen to her. The first favorite prefers the company of her friends, the second spends time at gatherings with friends than with the family, and, most likely, the next one will be the same.

What is it about? A woman teaches the same lesson over and over again, but she cannot pass the exam. In order to break out of this closed circle, she needs to work on herself and understand what the universe wants to convey to her with such hints. So do not complain about fate and do not quarrel with men, start with yourself.

Faith is half the success

This rule somewhat resembles the following saying: from each according to needs, to each according to opportunities. And if it suddenly seems to you that the neighbor's life is chocolate, and you have a whole bunch of problems, then the only thing here is that the neighbor would not have brought it up, and it's all on your shoulders. And if you suddenly feel like you're running out of strength, don't be afraid that you won't make it, there's always a support behind you, thanks to which you can relax and rest for a second. The main thing is not to lose faith.

Live in joy

“Stop sobbing, it's not worth your tears,” mother and friends say in unison. And you continue to be upset because of another reprimand from your boss and fight over parting with your lover. Not worth it. The behavior of other people is a reflection of their inner state and in no way you. Happy people don't hurt anyone. They live in joy. And only those who are dissatisfied with life, experience inner insecurity, are capable of doing evil and provoking trouble. Feel sorry for them and wish them luck.

Nature is the best doctor

You cannot get enough from food and people as much as you can from nature. Make it a rule to walk alone in the forest or park, meditate on a green lawn to the chirping of birds or on the seashore to the sound of the surf. You can gain energy and restore your mental strength easily and without financial investment, just by touching your forehead to the trunk of your donor tree. 10 minutes – and you are ready to conquer new heights again.

Take and heal

It happens that the treatment is delayed only because we are not ready to accept the situation with all its complications. So it is with the people present in our lives, and with ourselves. You will not be able to love yourself without accepting all the pros and cons, no matter how painful it may be. This algorithm also works with all unpleasant situations that occur in your life. Awareness of the problem is already half of its solution.

Make mistakes

Don't try to be perfect. Don't be afraid to fall back. Everyone has the right to make mistakes. After all, this is a step of growth. As soon as you allow yourself to make mistakes, you will more often agree to prospects and worry less about the result, which means that your energy will flow calmly and freely, and not be issued in portions.

Look inside yourself

We really like to criticize others. Stop and pay attention to what exactly you dislike about this person. What annoys you and drives you crazy about her? Who does this person remind you of? Surprised? Yes, yes, that's you. This law works 100%. What we like in others we like in ourselves, but what frustrates us is an indicator of what to look for in ourselves. So it turns out that the world helps us work on ourselves.


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